Clara Bergahus talks dating outside of her race and what she learned after marrying Ryan Oubre

Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre
Clara Berghaus seeks insight on red flags in interracial relationships. Pic credit: Lifetime

Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre were one of the few interracial couples on Married at First Sight and both have spoken out about how race played a factor in their relationship. 

After Ryan broke his silence on the divorce with a lengthy statement about the way he and Clara’s cultural difference played a part in their downfall, Clara has since been curious to understand more about conversations surrounding interracial relationships. 

Recently, Clara made a video posing questions surrounding interracial dating and what may or may not be considered red flags in multicultural relationships. She also revealed what she’s becoming privy to about the subject having been married to a Black man. 

Clara Berghaus questions red flags in interracial relationships 

Clara Berghaus made a TikTok video where she shared that she’s been watching the second season of Love is Blind.

On Love Is Blind Season 2 there is a South Asian couple, Deepti and Shake. Both Deepti and Shake have only ever dated white people before eventually getting engaged to one another. 

Deepti and Shake’s relationship led Clara to pose some questions surrounding interracial relationships, especially after she was married to Ryan Oubre, who is a Black man that allegedly has only dated white women as well. 

Clara began her video by stating, “Ok I have a genuine question for non-white people. This is a genuine question…So this conversation stems from watching the new season of Love Is Blind where there’s a massive conversation around Deep and Shake and the fact that neither one has dated [within] their race before.” 

Clara then pointed out that she noticed the man, Shake, was receiving more flak for never dating within his race than the woman, Deepti, was. 

This led to Clara’s question as she asked, “If a man dates outside of his race is that a red flag just in general? Like if a Black man dates Black women and white women is that okay? Or is the problem when he is only dating non-Black women?”

Clara explained that her curiosity stemmed from being a white woman who will likely continue to date outside of her race, sharing, “I have dated and, probably will again date outside of my race, and so I’m curious as a white woman is that a red flag I should be looking for in men? And why is the conversation different for men and women? I want to know.” 


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Clara learned more about interracial conversations after marrying a Black man 

One commenter shared their take with Clara, writing, “There’s nothing wrong with dating outside of your race. If you’re exclusively dating outside of your race it comes across as fetishizing other races.” 

Clara responded by commenting, “This is what I’ve been seeing. I didn’t know this was even a conversation until I married a Black man.” 

Clara Berghaus comment section
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/TikTok

As Clara continues to enjoy life post-MAFS, it appears her marriage to Ryan Oubre has increased her awareness and curiosity about conversations surrounding interracial relationships. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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