Cirie Fields vs Felicia Cannon in Big Brother 25 drama

Felicia Cannon BB25
The Big Brother 25 house has worn out Felicia Cannon. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother 25 war between Cirie Fields and Felicia Cannon has begun.

Cirie took the first shot when she worked hard to get Felicia out while Cameron Hardin was Head of Household.

Cirie wanted to save Izzy Gleicher, but her plan backfired when she and Jared got caught in a series of lies.

Felicia learned about what Cirie was doing and created a new two-person BB25 alliance.

While the ladies have remained cordial in person, they are scheming behind the scenes this week.

With Jared as the HOH, the ladies have had time to construct new plans.

The war between Cirie and Felicia

After she felt targeted by Cirie, Felicia began chatting intensely with people she had wanted out of the house.

Felicia has worked hard to align with America Lopez, Cory Wurtenberger, Matt Klotz, and Jag Bains.

Their common enemies are the mother-son duo. It raises some interesting questions about the Double Eviction.

Below is a chat Felicia had with Mecole Hayes. The duo has become very frustrated about getting left behind by their perceived alliances.

Cirie takes a shot at Felicia

A new plan from Cirie is to take the heat off of her by pushing Felicia under the bus.

Cirie is telling people that Felicia is spreading a story about an alliance of Jag, America, and Cory trying to make it to the end together.

The intent is to get the rest of the house worried about that trio while saying Felicia talked about targeting them.

Most of Felicia’s chats have been about trying to survive, but now other houseguests are coming up to talk to her about Cirie’s rumor.

Cory figured out what happened, but Felicia has now become paranoid. That paranoia is what Cirie wants because it takes focus off of her.

Below is a recent chat that Cory and Felicia had about what has been said in the house.

More Big Brother news and notes

The final nominees for Week 7 on Big Brother 25 are set. One of them gets sent home at the September 21 Eviction Ceremony.

A new season of The Traitors features Big Brother alums. It should debut this winter.

Outside of the game, Red Utley said BB25 is “rigged” for Cirie to win. Many Big Brother fans agree with his opinion.

The episode schedule has changed a lot for Season 25.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

As a reminder, host Julie Chen Moonves also revealed changes to the BB25 jury format.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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8 months ago

I think it’s disgusting how they are treating Cirie , what the other houseguest blame on Cirie and Jared they are now doing the same thing but it’s ok for jag , Corey , Felicia , blue, and me me to lie cheat and steal but it’s not ok for Izzy , Cirie and Jared to play the game like that , ridiculous, CBS should be ashamed letting Cirie being treated like this If Cirie is voted out I will never watch big brother again, they all were in 100 alliances but when Sariya and Izzy and Jared do it it’s wrong and they should be crucified for it but they can be doing it to them and it’s OK double standards everyone’s lying and if that’s where the line is drawn that’s how the game should be played and they should not be targeted shame on CBS

Rick Johns
Rick Johns
8 months ago

I for one don’t think it is fair for any player to come into the house with another player that they can count on for everything without having to worry if they can trust that person. Especially Mother and Son. Everyone else has to very careful on who they pick and hope they can completely believe in this person.

8 months ago

Get rid of both of them, and continue the game without both!