Ciara Duggan and Jenna MacGillivray throw shade at Malia White for Below Deck Med cabin drama

Jenna and Ciara from Below Deck Sailing Yacht are bashing Malia from Below Deck Med over cabin uproar.
Jenna and Ciara are Team Hannah in the blowup over cabin assignments. Pic credit: @Jenna MacGillivray/Instagram and Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars Ciara Duggan and Jenna MacGillivray are throwing shade at Malia White for the drama she caused over Below Deck Med cabin assignments.

Malia wanted the cabin arrangements to change when her boyfriend Tom Checketts was hired to replace chef Kiko. For Malia to bunk with Tom, Hannah Ferrier would have to share a cabin with Bugsy Drake. The chief stew was not fond of the arrangement and pushed back on cabin swapping.

The bosun threw a hissy fit and ran to Captain Sandy Yawn to tattle she wasn’t getting her way. Of course, Captain Sandy sided with Malia and immediately declared Tom the highest rank below deck. Therefore, it was his choice who he wanted to room with, and everyone else must oblige.

Fans have been outraged at how cabin drama plays out. Now, Jenna and Ciara are weighing in, showing their support for Hannah and slamming Malia.

The audacity of Malia forcing new cabin arrangements

Although Ciara and now fiancé Paget Berry did bunk together on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, that is not always the case.

Ciara kicked off the slamming of Malia in a tweet that revealed she and Paget just finished up a six-month stint working on a yacht and not sharing a cabin. He as the first mate and she as the chief stew. Guess what? The couple survived just fine.

Jenna responded to her friend’s tweet by adding her thoughts on the hot topic.

“In my 8 years of yachting, typically for cabin arrangements no one makes demands, you need to be easy going but also, couples don’t take priority if it means making others uncomfortable,” Jenna wrote.

Fans did not like Jenna and her boatmance with chef Adam Glick, who also had a fling with Malia. However, several Twitter users responded to Jenna’s tweet, acknowledging that they didn’t even request to share a cabin. They merely hooked up in the guest cabin between charters.

Couple’s don’t get priority

Ciara went on to express her thoughts on forcing other crew members to switch things up just because she and Paget are a couple.

“Omg I couldn’t imagine making everyone move so that @BerryPaget and I can share a cabin just because we’re a couple. ESPECIALLY if we didn’t join the boat together! We’ve done plenty of stints not sharing a cabin even on Parsifal. It’s just not a big deal,” Ciara shared.

Jenna chimed in, sharing that yachting crew members don’t typically make cabin assignment demands. She expressed that couples do not take priority in the yacht hierarchy. The chief also showed her love and support for Hannah.

Ciara Duggan and Jenna MacGillivray from Below Deck Sailing Yacht have spoken. They did not say Malia White’s name, but they clearly believe she is in the wrong for the Below Deck Med cabin blow up.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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