Below Deck Med: Who is Malia White’s boyfriend Tom Checketts?

Tom Checketts, Malia White's boyfriend, replaced chef Kiko on Below Deck Med.
Malia is finally reunited with Tom on Below Deck Med: Pic credit: @TomChecketts/Instagram

Below Deck Mediterranean has replaced chef Kiko with Malia White’s boyfriend, Tom Checketts.

It was not surprising to fans, who have speculated that Malia’s man was the new chef since Kiko’s demise. There is a lot of speculation that Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia planned to have Tom join the crew all along.

Tom visiting Malia at the same time Kiko left feels a bit calculated to viewers. Plus, Captain Sandy jumped at the chance to offer him the job after barely having an interview with Tom.

Now that Tom is officially part of The Wellington crew, fans wonder what happened to his ill family member. The supposed point of Tom visiting Malia was because it was a pit-stop on his way to see a sick uncle in the United Kingdom.

Who is Tom Checketts?

The UK native informed deckhand Alex Radcliffe that he worked under the infamous chef Gordon Ramsey in London. During a confessional, Tom explained that both of his parents were chefs. Although his mom cooked for the queen, she did not want her son to be a chef.

Part of the reason Tom’s mom was against him becoming a chef was that his father was a raging alcoholic. She felt that if Tom became a chef, he may end up on the same path as his father, whom Tom hasn’t seen since he was a child.

Tom promised his mom he would do things right while he learned the art of cooking. So far, the chef has kept his word.

Tom’s Instagram feed is full of posts showcasing his culinary skills. There is no question that he’s a total foodie. Fans will soon learn more about Tom’s cooking style, but based on his social media, simplicity is key.

How did Tom and Malia meet?

Malia has been dating her boyfriend for over a year. The bosun wasted no time early on in the season, letting the crew know she was in a serious relationship. She revealed the two met while working together on a yacht.

On last night’s episode, Bugsy revealed her sister helped Tom and Malia get together. All three worked on a yacht together when Bugsy’s sister informed Malia that chef Tom had a crush on her. The two started dating, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tom and Malia have spent quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic apart. She recently shared on Instagram that they hope to be reunited very soon.

There will certainly be a lot of drama surrounding Malia White’s boyfriend, Tom Checketts, replacing chef Kiko on Below Deck Med. Hannah Ferrier and Malia are already feuding, and that is likely just the beginning.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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