Christine Brown doesn’t like the way Sister Wives edits her scenes

Sister Wives
Christine Brown just celebrated her anniversary in isolation. Pic credit: TLC

It is no secret that reality TV is not always “reality.” The way shows are put together and edited can create drama out of situations where there was none. That seems to have happened with Christine Brown and Sister Wives.

This isn’t a surprise since the new season of Sister Wives promised some cracks in the idea of a “big happy family.”

In last Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown said that the editing of the show made her look “brattier” than she was while the family was talking about a “one house” idea.

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Christine’s reaction to the One House idea

Christine Brown made it known while Sister Wives was airing that she was embarrassed at how the show made her look.

The incident happened while Kody was talking to his wives about the idea of getting one big house for every wife to live in together after their move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Christine made it clear that she was not on board with all the wives living in the same house together. Kody Brown brought up the idea with his four wives, Christine, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn during their holiday celebration.

It was clearly a conversation that was not needed when the family was supposed to be celebrating the joy of the season, and Christine was not happy about it. However, she said she was much more logical in her argument than the show made her own to be.

Christine says show made her out to be a ‘brat’

Christine said on Twitter that “My bratty reaction just makes me cringe. I said very very logical things but…I’m not bad, just edited that way.”

She also included the photo of Jessica Rabbit, who had the famous quote, “I’m not bad, just drawn that way.”

This came after she live-tweeted her discomfort while watching them talking about the one house idea.

Robyn Brown echoed the statement.

Christine then said that it had a horrible effect on her during the holiday celebration.

The previous week also dealt with Kody wanting to talk about the One House idea, and at the time Janelle and Christine disagreed completely.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Sister Wives fans. Christine said the same thing last year on an episode, saying that she would love to be their neighbors but would never live in the same house with them.

Christine Brown is clearly against the idea of One House and the fact that she live-tweeted the same thoughts on Sunday makes it sound like this entire storyline has yet to fully play out.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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