Chrisley Knows Best: Todd and Julie Chrisley reveal how much weight they’ve lost together

Todd and Julie Chrisley posing for the camera.
Todd and Julie Chrisley share their recent weight loss. Pic credit:

The old school Southern gems Todd and Julie Chrisley from the hit TV show Chrisley Knows Best have recently reported major weight loss. 

The two reality stars have been using the Nutrisystem program to help them lose weight. If you are unaware of what the Nutrisystem program is, it is essentially a meal delivery system that has pre-packaged foods that can be prepared that have a balanced amount of protein, fat, and carbs and can be catered to your personal needs.

Nutrisystem is a program that works with you and allows you to eat and cook food normally but teaches you how to make better choices overall.

Julie states it’s not just about the pounds, she feels better on the inside

Although the duo did not disclose exactly how much weight they are hoping to lose, Julie did say that she is still wanting to lose just a little more because she is not where she wants to be, but she is not putting any pressure to get there quickly as she trusts the Nutrisystem process and knows that it will take time. 

Julie was also enthusiastic about her weight loss as she could tell the difference in how she felt and really emphasized the fact that her journey was not solely about seeing a change on the scale but also in how she felt overall. 

The couple is on the better together plan with Nutrisystem which is launching this week and Julie told Us Weekly that she is officially down 30lbs. She goes on to say that, those 30lbs she had lost did take time, however, she wanted it to be a lifestyle change for herself, and rapid weight loss is not maintainable for long periods of time, so it is best to do it slow and steady. 

Julie went on to say that once Todd saw the results that she was getting, he wanted to join in with her and so they began the partner plan. 

Todd Chrisley has always been the fabulous one

In true Todd Chrisley fashion, he states, “I mean listen, I’ve always been the most fabulous of the family, so when I saw Julie kind of encroaching upon my lane, I was like no, I’m gonna get on this partner plan with Julie with Nutrisystem.” 

Todd Chrisley wishing Julie a happy birthday and flaunting their new bods. Pic credit: @toddchrisley

Todd revealed that he had packed on about 18lbs during the COVID era.

Julie goes on to say that Nutrisystem makes things “easy” and that easy is what she needs in her life as she can just grab and go or cook something that can be prepared in 5 minutes or less, which is essential to any weight loss program because having something that is already prepared takes the guesswork out of it all, and makes it so you are not tempted with bad choices. 

Todd spoke about how they would be in their own sides of their bathroom and text each other back and forth about how much weight they have lost. Todd says that he is now lower than his high school weight, which is something that he constantly prides himself on in the show when he is always talking about how he’d been the same weight since high school. 

Todd claims that for him, his weight loss motivation is driven by the number and that is how he can tell if he is being successful or not. The duo has come a long way and we wish them all the best with their weight loss journey. 

Chrisleys Know Bests is available for streaming on Peacock.

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