Chrisley Knows Best returns: When do the new episodes air?

Todd and Grayson Chrisley enjoying a meal in London on Chrisley Knows Best
Todd and Grayson Chrisley will be back this fall. Pic credit: USA Network

Chrisley Knows Best has grown quite a bit since it first aired. Todd and Julie Chrisley have shared their lives with fans, including some tough battles.

It has been a few months since the first half of Season 6 aired on the USA Network. When the mid-season finale of Chrisley Knows Best aired, it said the show would return this fall. Now, fans want to know when they can get their Chrisley fix again.

Two new back-to-back episodes will air on the USA Network on November 28. The official announcement came via the Chrisley Knows Best Instagram account. Generally, when Chrisley Knows Best returns from the mid-season or opens a new season, there is a double feature.

With Chase Chrisley having a new girlfriend, there is some hope she will be featured on the show. Savannah Chrisley has also been dating someone for quite some time now and Chrisley Knows Best fans are anxious to see him appear as well.

The first part of Season 6 featured the friendship between Todd and Julie Chrisley and Jay and Allison DeMarcus. Their shenanigans made for a lot of fun.

Also noteworthy was the return of Chloe Chrisley, the granddaughter fans met when the show began airing. She was taken off the air for a few years, but now, she is back and entertaining anyone who will give her attention.

Chrisley Knows Best returns this November on the USA Network.

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