Chris Lopez cuts son Creed’s hair without Kail Lowry’s knowledge, Teen Mom 2 fans think he did it for spite

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez on Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez reportedly cut their son Creed’s hair without her knowledge. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 fans think Chris Lopez acted out of spite when he cut his and Kail Lowry’s son Creed’s hair without her knowledge.

It’s like déjà vu to Teen Mom 2 fans who remember when Chris reportedly cut his son Lux’s hair without first telling Kail.

Kail was arrested in September 2020 for allegedly punching Chris after he cut their eldest son Lux’s hair without her consent.

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Chris Lopez seemingly cuts son Creed’s curls without Kail Lowry’s knowledge

Now, it looks as though Chris has taken his and Kail’s son’s hair into his own hands, and Teen Mom 2 fans anticipate Kail won’t be happy about it.

Kail first shared pics of Creed’s new short haircut in his Instagram Stories (Creed has his own Instagram page run by Kail). Kail didn’t include any text with the pics but showed Creed with his newly cut hair.

Before his haircut, Creed sported long, blond curls, and Kail recently went live on Instagram to share the products she purchased specifically for his hair type.

Creed’s pics quickly made their way onto Teen Mom fan pages on Instagram, and word on social media is that Chris cut Creed’s hair while in his care and without Kail’s knowledge.

Chris seemingly confirmed he was responsible for Creed’s haircut via a DM exchange with one of his Instagram followers.

Chris shared a screenshot of the DM in his Stories. His critic wrote, “Why would u cut his hair? R u dumb?? I don’t know who needs to hear this but STOP BEING SUCH A D**K. Grow tf up. Kail does everything for UR KIDS and u continue to be disrespectful.”

Chris replied but didn’t clarify whether he was responsible for Creed’s shorter style, “I’m disrespectful and a d**k because his hair is cut? Lol interesting.”

The critic fired back, “Sir that haircut is a bad job. You could of at least cut it correctly. Doubt u would want to walk around with a haircut that looks bad.”

Teen Mom 2 fans show support for Kail Lowry after Chris Lopez cuts Creed’s hair

Over on Creed’s Instagram page, Kail’s supporters flocked to the comments on his most recent post to show their support for her.

teen mom 2 fans showed their support for kail lowry and creed on instagram
Pic credit: @mellolowry/Instagram

“Why would anyone cut his beautiful curls ?” wrote one commenter.

Another voiced that they would get attorneys involved if they were Kail, writing, “I’d be calling my lawyer first thing in the morning getting someone’s visits changed to a visitation center asap.”

“Literally crying I can’t believe it’s gone ???? Curly Creed babyyyyy,” wrote another one of Kail’s supporters.

One of Kail’s supporters called Chris “petty” for cutting Creed’s hair and hinted they might have reacted as Kail did to Lux’s haircut in 2020.

“So sorry ur daddy was petty and cut ur hair papa ur still so handsome don’t worry it’ll grow back bubbba ❤️,” they commented. “Praying for ur mamas strength cause I would be in jail.”

Kail has yet to address Creed’s haircut other than sharing pics to his Instagram Stories. However, Teen Mom 2 fans feel that Kail will be addressing the situation on one of her podcasts.

It looks as though Kail learned her lesson after Chris cut Lux’s hair in 2020 and is taking a much different approach in her response. In the meantime, Teen Mom 2 fans will be anxiously awaiting Kail’s reaction.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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