Chris Lane and his band decide which Blue Blood rival they are rooting for in the Final Four game

Chris Lane
Chris Lane and his band state their Blue Blood claim. Pic credit: @iamchrislane/Instagram

Chris Lane has been famous in the country music world for a while now with songs like I Don’t Know About You, Take Back Home Girl, and the one he wrote for his now-wife, Lauren Bushnell Lane, Big, Big Plans.

As he proposed to Lauren in the video for that song, the duo became married and more in love than ever. They now have a son together, Dutton Walker Lane, and he is almost ten months old.

While Chris never thought he would settle down and marry, after he met Lauren, and they started dating, his mindset changed fairly quickly into the relationship. While Chris is away quite often with his band and performing, both Lauren and Dutton come to visit him on the road when they can.

Chris Lane and his band members make a choice on who the winner will be in the Duke vs North Carolina Final Four game

With three Blue Blood teams in the men’s Final Four this year: Kansas, Duke, and North Carolina, the fans and the aura surrounding the NCAA tournament are intense. This is also true for Chris’ bandmates and himself, as they are pretty torn when it came to who to root for in last night’s highlighted game: the Duke Blue Devils against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

While the teams are rivals anyways, and they play each other during the season, and in their conference tournament, the stakes were way higher this time.

Not only would the winner of this game go on to play in the National Championship game against The University of Kansas Jayhawks, but it could be Duke’s coach, Coach K’s, the last game he would ever coach if the Tar Heels could pull off the victory.

What was the video of, and who did they think would win the game?

While Chris led the video off in a tan-colored fur coat, to RUN DMC’s song It’s Tricky, he captioned the fun by saying, “Who y’all got? @unc_basketball or @dukembb.”

Chris made a beeline for the UNC side as the lead-off for which team he was rooting for. The second bandmate leaped in the air and went to Duke’s side. The third guy pointed to his Tar Heel shirt and headed to Team UNC.

Fourth up, the next man shook his finger no, acted like he was going to the North Carolina side, but side-stepped to Duke. The fifth and sixth band members walked confidently to the Tar Heel side, as the last member threw his hands up like he wasn’t sure which team he wanted and went to Duke’s side.

As Chris and his six other band members made their choices, the final score was 4-3 in favor of the North Carolina Tar Heels.

After the game, the majority of the Chris’ band would have been happy, as the Tar Heels ended Duke’s run and beat them 81-77. This not only ended Duke’s chance to win a National Championship, but it also ended Coach K’s career.

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