Chris Harrison fan Catherine Giudici speaks on Jesse Palmer as The Bachelor replacement

Catherine Giudici Lowe
Catherine Giudici Lowe comments on Jesse Palmer and Chris Harrison. Pic credit: @catherinegiudici/Instagram

It looks like Jesse Palmer has won over another big Bachelor Nation star as The Bachelorette season comes to a close.

When Catherine competed for and won Sean Lowe’s final rose and heart on his season of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison was the franchise host.

It’s no secret that Catherine is a big Chris Harrison fan and she’s been very vocal in her support of the former The Bachelor franchise host.

But now she’s admitting that Jesse is doing a great job after taking over for Chris, a role that she wasn’t sure at first if he could properly fill.

Both hosts, according to the former Bachelor winner, have similar backgrounds and keep the focus on the contestants and leads of the show.

However, she also appreciates the unique take that Jesse has brought to the shows as host with his sports past and commentator experience in the college football world.

Catherine has been happy with the switch to Jesse and applauded the show for hiring him as the full-time host.

Catherine Giudici Lowe is still obsessed with Chris Harrison

When doing an interview with Page Six, Catherine doubled down on her love for Chris Harrison.

Chris was The Bachelor host when Catherine met her now husband, Sean Lowe, and the father to their three children, Samuel, Isaiah, and Mia.

She also talked about how Chris, and now Jesse, seem to make the show about the contestants and leads and not about themselves. Catherine claimed, “That’s what Chris did really well. He didn’t take away the spotlight from the actual conversations.”

Catherine Giudici Lowe also loves Jesse Palmer

Even though Catherine was in love with how Chris Harrison hosted the show, she also exclaimed that Jesse is doing a fabulous job himself. Catherine went on to give props to the franchise for choosing him as the next host for the shows.

Despite her husband, Sean, saying he doesn’t watch the show anymore, Catherine stated that is not exactly true.

However, she does watch the show religiously and was happy that the franchise went with a more constant host for the franchise, rather than step-ins such as Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe for The Bachelorette and David Spade for Bachelor in Paradise.

With a new season of Bachelor in Paradise on the horizon, it should be interesting to see how Jesse handles those hosting duties, as Bachelor Nation already knows that show can be just as dramatic, if not more, than the others.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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