Chelsea Vaughn claps back at a comment critiquing her natural body

Chelsea Vaughn smiles
Chelsea Vaughn has a classy clap back to critique on her body. Pic credit: ABC

Chelsea Vaughn wowed Bachelor Nation with her beauty when she debuted on The Bachelor Season 25, and now she’s wowing as an ambassador for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty brand. 

Chelsea recently announced the exciting news of her Fenty partnership and also emphasized the importance of displaying natural unedited beauty. 

Despite Chelsea’s promotion of body positivity, some comments still aimed to critique the striking model, but Chelsea responded back with class. 

Chelsea Vaughn made sure her lingerie photos were not retouched 

Chelsea Vaughn had been teasing an exciting partnership, and she has now been able to let the cat out of the bag and reveal that she is a Savage X ambassador. Chelsea broke the news by posting a series of gorgeous photos in the brand’s lingerie. 

Chelsea showed off her physique in a black lacy and strappy one-piece covered in colorful dots. 

In her caption, Chelsea gushed about the partnership and how it’s a dream come true because Savage x Fenty was the number one brand she wanted to work with. 

Chelsea further explained, “One of the reasons I identify with the brand so much (aside from the fact that it makes me feel sexy AF) is because it promotes self-confidence, body positivity, & empowerment. Which is everything that I stand for and hope to represent for other women.” 

Chelsea revealed that the photos in her post are not retouched, which was her specific intention because she wants to authentically portray natural beauty. 

Chelsea wrote, “I never edit / alter my body in photos, but when I shoot with a photographer I usually don’t have a choice. For these, (shot by @esquow) I specifically made sure that nothing was retouched so I can continue to be a real, imperfect human on your feed.” 

Chelsea Vaughn responds to a critique of her underarms 

Despite Chelsea’s caption making it perfectly clear that her photos are not retouched and that she finds beauty in imperfection, a commenter still had some critique. 

Under the post, a comment read, “Chelsea get some toothpaste and get the darkness from under your arms not trying to be mean.”

While the Instagram critic expressed not having ill-intent, the comment still seemed to miss the point of Chelsea’s post and further lean into the idea that a woman should fix aspects of her body that aren’t even flawed. 

Chelsea clarified this when she responded to the critic, writing, “please re read the caption and then read it again. My natural body is beautiful and normal just the way she is.” 

Chelsea Vaughn comment
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn_/Instagram

Chelsea’s passion for body positivity and natural beauty will likely make her a great ambassador and role model. Congratulations, Chelsea! 

The Bachelor returns next Monday, January 24 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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