Chelsea DeBoer’s custody drama could land her in serious legal trouble

Chelsea DeBoer
Chelsea DeBoer is contemplating legal measures against Adam Lind. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea DeBoer is happily married to Cole DeBoer, but she continues to struggle with Adam Lind over their daughter Aubree.

Chelsea has done everything in her power to give Aubree everything possible to feel that she’s part of a loving family, including giving her time with Adam’s family, changing her last name to add DeBoer, and even driving her to her visitation appointments with Lind.

And yet, Chelsea is thinking about changing things up once again, as Adam’s parents are allegedly breaking their court order in regards to visitation.

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Not only is Adam bailing on their scheduled meetings at a visitation center, but Adam’s mother Donna is reportedly breaking her own court order, which clearly states that Adam is not allowed to be around when Aubree is visiting her grandparents.

But DeBoer’s plan to put the whole visitation schedule on a break could actually get her in legal trouble. MTV reports that Chelsea’s lawyer has revealed that stopping the visitations could put Chelsea in contempt of court.

There’s one kick to the situation — Adam would have to bring Chelsea to court over breaking the rules, not his parents.

Chelsea would clearly have the upper hand in the situation, with Adam’s parents allegedly in contempt of court whenever they have watched Aubree with Adam there. She is the one who could take legal action against them, and MTV reports that Chelsea’s lawyer has asked her to come to talk about her legal options.

Even though viewers are split on the situation, one thing is clear. Many feel that Chelsea shouldn’t be talking to her daughter about the situation, as she’s a child.

Chelsea does have some legal options on the table, but she knows that Aubree loves her dad and wants to see him. It will be interesting to see what she ends up choosing.

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