Chef Kiko has a message for Below Deck Med fans about his replacement chef Tom Checketts

Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran wants fans to embrace the new Below Deck Med chef Tom Checketts .
Chef Kiko is proving once again what a stand up guy he is as he talks about chef Tom. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Kiko has a message for Below Deck Mediterranean fans as his replacement, chef Tom Checketts, takes over the galley.

Fans have been furious about the way that Captain Sandy Yawn treated chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran during his stint on The Wellington. Kiko has admitted that Captain Sandy did a number on his mindset. However, he still asked viewers not to blame the captain for his demise.

As Malia White’s boyfriend Tom takes on the job of the chef, fans are having mixed reactions to the news. The timing of Kiko’s firing and Tom’s visit is too much of a coincidence for viewers. Plus, the way Captain Sandy fawned over Tom’s resume was a bit too much.

Kiko leaving and Tom being hired has left fans convinced that it was Captain Sandy and Malia’s plan all along.

Kiko shares a warm message to fans

The chef is beyond thrilled about the support he received during his time on Below Deck Med. Kiko is a beloved fan favorite, despite only being on the show for part of the season.

His leaving changed the entire dynamic on the show, especially for chief stew Hannah Ferrier. She suffered a panic attack that led to Malia reporting her to Captain Sandy for having Valium on the yacht.

Kiko, for his part, has done nothing but continue to spread positive vibes. The chef is even extending those vibes to Tom, and he wants fans to do the same.

In an interview with Decider, Kiko asked fans not to compare the two chefs.

“I don’t know Tom, but I met him after the show one day. He seems like a very nice guy and a very nice chef. I’m afraid people will come to him and say, “Kiko was so much better.” No. I’m Kiko, he’s Tom,” chef Kiko said. “We have different personalities. That doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know how he did there, but I feel like he’s a good guy.”

Can Tom hack it on The Wellington?

Tom may have more to worry about than whether or not Below Deck Mediterranean fans liked him. The guests are not too thrilled with the way Malia’s boyfriend cooks.


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Is there already fresh trouble in the galley? ?

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They even sent a fish dish back to be cooked again, which does not make Tom happy. He gets very defensive that the guests asked to have his poached fish cooked more.

Captain Sandy called his resume precisely what she had been looking for in a yacht chef. However, Tom might not be able to hack it in the galley the way she hoped.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

I love Kiko. Having watched past seasons, again and again, I notice that Captain Sandy is a really obsessive micro-manager, but with Kiko, she was beyond obsessive. The pressure she put on him was uncalled for. She’ll say, “That’s my job. People pay a lot of money for these charters.” However, to be sub-human with Kiko and treat him like dirt is unforgivable. It’s obvious that season after season Captain Sandy has her favorites to whom she floods with compliments, and for the rest of the crew, she has only negative comments or no comments at all. We know Sandy, “It’s your job, blah, blah,blah.”