Catherine Agro’s dog got its own Twitter: DJ Agro’s dog-antics steal The Bachelor premiere

Catherine Agro
Catherine Agro’s dog already has its own Twitter account. Pic credit: ABC

Catherine Agro brought her dog with her on The Bachelor, asking Colton Underwood to watch her pet as she competed for his heart on the show.

While some contestants thought it was bold of her, it was clear that Catherine’s plan worked. Not only did she get to stay on the show, but her dog Lucy also stole all of the attention.

Throughout the episode, Chris Harrison was spotted walking the dog around the mansion so Colton could spend some time with the ladies.

But not all the viewers thought Catherine was right in leaving her dog with strangers.

Before the episode was done, someone had created a Twitter profile for Lucy. You can find the dog on Twitter at @lucythebachdog.

70 year old virgin. My mother is a DJ from Florida,” reads the Twitter bio for little Lucy, The Bachelor Dog.

Throughout the premiere, Catherine didn’t really make the best first impression on viewers. She interrupted Colton four times as he was talking to the other women, something we covered on our Bachelor live recap page.

While Catherine didn’t really win over viewers, it seems that Lucy did. In fact, some viewers felt horrible for Lucy that she was brought on to the show and she was left with producers as Catherine went to talk to Colton. Plus, she told Colton he was responsible for the dog while filming, even though he has plenty of dates to go on.

Since Catherine Agro stayed on the show, you can expect to see more of Lucy next week and it’s quite possible that this Twitter account will have some priceless tweets to share.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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