Carly Waddell is rumored to be ready to start dating again after her split from Evan Bass

Carly Waddell
Carly Waddell might be ready to enter the dating world again. Pic credit: @carlywad/Instagram

Carly Waddell is a Bachelor Nation alum not only from The Bachelor with Chris Soules but also from Seasons 2 & 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.

While one of her best friends, Jade Roper, left Season 2 engaged to her now-husband, Tanner Tolbert, Carly left that season single.

However, as she went back on BIP for Season 3, she met Evan Bass, whom she eventually started to like, and even accepted a proposal from in the end. The two eventually got married and even had two children together before they announced their split.

Now, it appears Carly is ready for love once again.

What has Jade Roper revealed about one of her best friends, Carly Waddell?

Jade Roper has revealed that she believes Carly is officially ready to go back on the market and start to date again.

Speaking about Carly, Jade told Us Weekly, “We’ve joked about her, like downloading dating apps … I think she’s, like, to that point where she’s ready [to date].”

She also hinted that maybe Carly’s name should be on the table for a spot as the next Bachelorette. Jade commented that “her BFF would be a ‘fun Bachelorette’ if she returned to the franchise.”

Jade went on to declare, “I mean, it honestly does work for some people … I think it would be great for her.”

While the duo has a podcast together called “Mommies Tell All,” they don’t get to see each other in person as much as they’d like to. However, Jade said, “But we still talk and she’s doing really well. I think she is at a good spot in her life.”

How has the evolution of Carly and Evan changed since they met on Bachelor in Paradise?

Fans remember that it took Carly a while to come to terms with her relationship with Evan, as she kept going back and forth on whether she liked him or not.

In fact, their first kiss was disastrous according to Carly, but the best first kiss ever according to Evan. The discrepancy between the two at first made fans think they may never get together. But they did, and they left the island engaged even.

Carly and Evan then got married in June 2017 in Mexico, after they had decided to live together for a year prior to marrying. The former couple had two children together, a girl, Bella, and a boy, Charlie, who are now ages 3 and 2 years, respectively.

Carly and Evan announced their decision to split up back in December 2020, when supposedly it was Evan who wanted to end the marriage. Since then, Carly has talked about how tough it is to try and date and be a single mom. But now, it seems, she just may be ready to take that step.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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