Carly from Teen Mom: Everything you need to know

Catelynn, Carly, and Novalee
Catelynn Lowell reuniting with Carly on Teen Mom OG

Carly from Teen Mom OG is the daughter of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. She was given up for adoption by the young couple, something that drew a lot of attention at the time.

Catelynn and Tyler found out they were expecting their first child as teenagers. The pair are step-siblings — after Lowell’s mom married Baltierra’s dad — and  both had rocky childhoods plagued with substance abuse issues. Their choice to give Carly up for adoption wasn’t and still isn’t easy on them.

Their journey was chronicled on 16 and Pregnant which subsequently turned into Teen Mom OG with a cast hand-picked by the production team. Fans took a special interest in Catelynn and Tyler, following their nearly decade-long journey in front of the cameras.

On May 18, 2009, Carolynn (Carly) Elizabeth was born to Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. The young couple chose Brandon and Teresa Davis to adopt their little girl. They have kept in touch with the family, but as the years go by, seeing Carly becomes harder and harder to arrange.

There have been a lot of issues between the Teen Mom OG stars and the Davis family. Carly’s adoptive parents want her to live a private life. Her face is not allowed to be shown while filming in any capacity. Catelynn and Tyler have to be careful about what they discuss on camera, and if something happens that Brandon and Teresa don’t like, they could cut the reality stars out completely.

In this picture posted by Catelynn ahead of Carly’s ninth birthday, only the side of her head can be seen as she stands next to Catelynn’s daughter Novalee:

A lot has changed for the young couple in nearly a decade. They have gotten married and welcomed another little girl, Novalee. Recently, Catelynn Lowell was in and out of rehab battling her depression after suffering a miscarriage back in November. It has been a long road for Lowell, especially since giving up Carly in 2009.

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