Captain Sandy from Below Deck Med opens up about suffering a heart attack two years ago

Below Deck Med star Captain Sandy talks heart attack.
Captain Sandy revealed undiagnosed high blood pressure led to her heart attack. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean boss Captain Sandy Yawn is opening up about the heart attack that she suffered two years ago. The famous captain is getting candid for the first time regarding the health crisis that changed her life.

Captain Sandy didn’t hold back talking to PeopleTV’s Reality Check. She was open with details of her health crisis, including what was going through her mind as the heart attack happened.

The Bravo star also gave fans an update on her health too. Below Deck Med fans need not worry, she will be back for Season 5 this spring.

The heart attack occurred during SoulCycle

The last thing Captain Sandy expected when she walked into a SoulCycle class was that she would have a heart attack. That is exactly what happened, though. Thankfully Captain Sandy was able to sense what was going on medically and quietly excused herself from the class.

She shared with the magazine that something felt off during the class. Captain Sandy knew she needed to leave immediately. Once she carefully and calmly left SoulCycle, she went directly to the nearest emergency room.

“I remember thinking I was going to clip off the bike so I don’t fall, I didn’t want to disrupt the class, and I certainly wasn’t going to call 911 in the middle of Beverly Hills. So, I decided to call an Uber, and then I called my sister, and I survived,” Sandy explained.

The captain recalled the warning signs, which are different for men and women. She felt really “old” as the episode was happening.

“I could not swallow. I was watching my heart rate on my watch, and it didn’t go down, and I started to feel lightheaded. I didn’t have any numbness, then when I got off my bike and walked outside, I started to feel the tingle in my left arm, exactly how described,” the Bravo personality shared of how she felt in the moment the heart attack happened.

Education people on heart health

Captain Sandy admitted her heart attack was brought on from high blood pressure, a condition that went undiagnosed. Since her condition went unchecked, it led to SCAD, or spontaneous coronary artery dissection, which is a tear in the heart’s blood vessel.

The experience has caused Sandy to speak out on the misconceptions about heart attacks. It is assumed a person who has a heart attack is unhealthy, but that was not the case for the Below Deck Med star.

After four days in the hospital and 12 weeks recovering, Captain Sandy was given a clean bill of health for her job. She passed a physical and shared her heart is in excellent condition.

February is National Heart Disease month, and that is why Sandy has partnered with the American Heart Association to raise awareness for heart health. The Bravo personality wants to educate people on the various conditions that can lead to a heart attack.

Captain Sandy Yawn is doing her part to bring awareness to heart health following her heart attacked two years ago. The Below Deck fan favorite is hoping her message can help others.

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