Capt. Sandy Yawn says two Below Deck Med crew need to up their game

Sandy Yawn of Below Deck Mediterranean talks to the camera
Sandy Yawn talks about the various strengths of the crew on this season’s Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean’s captain Sandy Yawn has singled out two of this season’s crew as needing to up their game.

The Sirocco captain says both Lauren Cohen and Bobby Giancola as have aspects of their work-ethic that they could improve.

Speaking about how she wishes there were more women in the yachting industry, she also said she thought Malia White, Wes Walton, and Bugsy Drake all have what it takes to one day be captains themselves.

Referring to Lauren “playing both sides” in the feuds between Hannah Ferrier, Bugsy and Bobby, she told the Daily Dish: “Lauren was great in the mornings. But watching the show, Lauren needed to be true to Lauren and stop playing both sides. I don’t like that. I don’t think that’s great.”

She said she found Bobby “emotional”, saying: ”

added: “I also think that Bobby needs to focus on his job and less about the girls and who Malia’s wanting to be with. Focus on your job, and the rest will follow. So that’s the two I would really guide. I think the rest are great.”

Singling out Malia, she said: “I would love to see more women become captains…more women in our industry. And I think Malia has that.

“The skillset driving a boat you can learn, the skillset managing people is a gift, and I think Malia has that gift.”

Speaking about Wes, she added: “For sure, he’s really great with people.”

And she said she thought Bugsy was good at managing and would make a “great” captain.

But she said Bobby was more “emotional”. She said: “You can’t be emotional and run a boat with emotional people.

“There’s a point where you have to say emotions out of it, let me assess the situation, and be fair.

“You have to be fair. I’m fair. I think Malia would be fair, Wes would be fair.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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