Camila Cabello rips UEFA fans after her performance at the Champions League Final

Camila Cabello at the UEFA Champions League Final 2022 Opening Ceremony
Camila Cabello at the UEFA Champions League Final 2022 Opening Ceremony. Pic credit: @Camila Cabello/YouTube

The Voice has a new coach joining for its 22nd season in Camila Cabello.

However, with Kelly Clarkson leaving the show, many eyes will be on Camila to see if she can fill in the gap left by the popular star.

Honestly, Camila is replacing Ariana Grande as the new young coach, and Gwen Stefani is replacing Kelly as the more experienced star, but it is the lesser-known for reality TV audiences Camila who will get the brunt of the criticism.

She might not be off to the best start either, as she just publically bashed the fans watching the Champions League Final, the UEFA soccer event.

Camila Cabella rips fans at Champions League Final

Camilla Cabello performed at the UEFA Champions League Final during the opening ceremony. She was on fire and rocked hard throughout the performance before the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Camila sang Señorita, Bam Bam, Havana and Don’t Go Yet.

Camila was so into her performance and doing her best that she didn’t really notice what was happening in the stands.

While she was singing, the fans were chanting their favorite teams’ anthems. The fans did this through her entire six-minute performance.

Camila realized this when she watched the performance back, and she wasn’t happy. Instead of just letting it go as fans being excited about their team’s upcoming match, she ripped into them on Twitter.

“Playing back our performance and I can’t believe people were singing their teams anthem so loud during our performance. Like my team and i worked tirelessly for so long to bring right vibes and give a good show,” Camila wrote. “Very rude but whatever. IM GLAD U GUYS LOVED IT!!!!!”

The tweets have since been deleted, but Entertainment Tonight reported on what she wrote, as well as what one fan tried to explain to the singer.

A fan tried to explain the experience to Camila

ET also reported that one fan tried to explain in the comments that the European soccer fans are very passionate about their teams and that “many fans live for their clubs, its their lifestyle.” They were there to see the game, not a pop singer performing.

“Its not like USA where people come for the show. So your complaining was quite funny. Not your fault, but this doesnt belong in Europe. Its all about atmosphere fans make,” the fan reportedly wrote.

The Voice is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to NBC.

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