Cameron updates Big Brother fans on his friendship with Red Utley

Cameron on Big Brother 25
Cameron Hardin finished ninth place on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 house brought together Cameron Hardin and Red Utley. The duo hit it off and became fast friends.

As Cameron and Red got closer, the rest of the house became more worried about them. Concerted efforts were taken to split them up – and it worked.

The “Chillbillies” friendship fractured – and then Red got sent home. Cameron was voted out later, spending much of the season in the BB25 jury house.

Big Brother fans wondered if the duo would return to the same page, and Cameron has revealed that answer.

Cameron was named America’s Favorite Houseguest on BB25. He got a nice $50,000 check for being a fan favorite on the show.

And Cameron revealed where the AFH money is going during a new interview. The video endeared him even further with his fans.

An update on Cameron and Red from Big Brother 25

“One of my most frequently asked questions is about me and my buddy Red,” Cameron wrote on Instagram.

Indeed, it is a question many Big Brother fans have wondered about. And Cameron shared that answer.

“YES! We talked, we are good, and we have lots in store for the future. Chillbillies are on the rise,” Cameron stated about his friendship with Red.

The post includes two photos of the duo. The first image has them enjoying some time in the sun, and the second photo has them sharing a hug with Bowie Jane.

Had the trio (Red, Cameron, and Bowie Jane) stuck together, the Big Brother 25 season may have turned out differently.

Big Brother fans show Cameron some support

Many Instagram users have already commented on the post. The flood of support for Cameron echoes why people voted for him to be the AFH. Several former houseguests also liked the post. That included Kathryn Dunn from Big Brother 21.

“Glad to see you as friends back together again,” wrote one fan.

“The”THIS MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY,” posted another follower.

“Cam, ignore the toxic people on Twitter. Remember they are not the majority,” advised one of Cam’s followers.

More of those supportive comments are shared below. It also features a note from Kirsten Elwin, who was also on the BB25 cast.

Cameron Fan Support
Big Brother fans show their support for Cameron and Red. Pic credit: @Cameron.H.BB25/Instagram

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