Cam Ayala from The Bachelorette had his leg amputated — Here’s why

Cam Ayala
Cam Ayala undergoes a leg amputation. Pic credit: ABC

Cam Ayala, who was previously on Hannah Brown’s Season 15 of The Bachelorette, has made headlines recently.

Cam was a slight villain on Hannah’s season of the show, as he seemed to get under the other guys’ skin and try to win a sympathy rose while giving Hannah what she thought was a pity story. However, Cam has recently undergone something pretty serious.

As he has suffered from a disease called lymphedema for quite some time, the 33-year-old former Bachelorette contestant has had to have his right leg amputated.

Cam Ayala had his right leg amputated

While Bachelor Nation knew about Cam’s disease from watching Hannah Brown’s season, it has now taken another turn.

The disease Cam has had to live with, lymphedema, affects his legs and arms because his lymph nodes are unable to drain correctly; thus, this causes swelling in those areas. Because of this, Cam had to have his right leg amputated recently, and he documented the procedure and aftermath on Instagram.

On Cam’s Instagram page, he posted with numerous people by his hospital bed, including nurses, as well as friends and family. He put a caption that included hashtags such as #FaithOverFear #CAMputee #CAMputation #ToGodBeTheGlory #Lymphedema #Friends #family.”

Bachelor Nation and fans react to Cam’s leg amputation

Katie Morton commented first on Cam’s Instagram post. Katie was on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor and won Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise when she left engaged to Chris Bukowski; however, that relationship didn’t last, and now she is happily dating her boyfriend, James Rowe. She put a black heart and praying hands on Cam’s post.

Next to post in Cam’s comments was Lindsay Liles, who was one of the producers and casting directors for all three shows of the Bachelor franchise. She wrote, “You look great! Stay strong (red heart).”

Two other people commented next and stated, “Sending positive vibes rooted in faith (praying hands),” as well as “You’re are loved. This is the beginnings of greatness for you!!! You rock!”

Bachelor Nation gives Cam support after his leg being amputated.
Pic credit: @camronayala/Instagram

Others made comments and added in his nickname for himself which was ABC Cam (or Always Be Cam). They declared, “You’re doing great Cam! I am digging the man bun & beard combo too. ABC,” and another wrote, “but you’ll always always be ABC Cam ! sending lots of positive vibes and prayers your way!!!”

Two more fans said they were praying for him and told him how strong he is to go through this disease and recovery process.

Other fans show their love and support for Cam.
Pic credit: @camronayala/Instagram

While he will always be known as “ABC Cam” to Bachelor Nation, fans only wish him the best moving forward as he pushes through this disease and leg amputation.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th on ABC.

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