Caelynn on The Bachelor: What’s the real story behind her and Hannah B’s past?

Hannah B and Caelynn
Hannah B and Caelynn’s history is coming to the surface. Pic credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

During tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Hannah Brown’s former friendship was the focus once again. The two women used to be friends, but it’s clear that they aren’t seeing eye-to-eye these days.

Hannah B. decided to talk to Colton Underwood about his relationship with Caelynn, as she appeared to be a bit insecure. Colton was confused after the talk, causing him to ask Caelynn about her side of the story.

Reality Steve even chimed in when the scenes aired, revealing that there are two sides to every story and it’s really up to fans to figure out who they believe.

But what really happened between them? Here’s what we know about these pageant ladies.

Caelynn and Hannah both competed in Miss USA in 2018. Hannah represented Alabama, but she didn’t end up placing at all. Caelynn, who represented North Carolina, ended up getting second place. Caelynn told one of the women on The Bachelor that she believes that Hannah is jealous of her success in the pageant world, as she did better in Miss USA.

As for Hannah? She claims to have a problem with Caelynn, calling her fake. That’s why she told Colton about their troublesome friendship.

As Reality Steve explains, there are two sides of every story and the reality is that we simply don’t know the whole story.

Colton did appear to be a bit overwhelmed with their drama, as he wasn’t quite sure how to handle the news that they were both sharing their sides of the story. It seems that Colton just wants a woman with little baggage, so this must be tough for him to process, as he may be getting feelings for them.

Only time will tell whether they will capture his heart or be sent home heartbroken.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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