Bugsy brands Hannah a ‘lousy’ chief stew on Below Deck Mediterranean

Bugsy talking angrily to Hannah aboard the Sirocco on Below Deck Mediterranean
Bugsy tells Hannah what she thinks of her on this week’s Below Deck Mediterranean

Second stewardess Bugsy Drake brands Hannah Ferrier a “lousy” chief stew on this week’s Below Deck Mediterranean — to her face.

Bugsy makes the remark after her frustrations come to a head as the boat is preparing for a new charter.

While rushing around making beds and other preparations with third stew Lauren Cohen, the pair start complaining about how Hannah isn’t helping them.

And Bugsy tells Lauren she’s going to finally bring it up with Hannah, saying: “I’m sick of the whole hierarchy thing being pulled all the time.”

Hannah and Bugsy pair have been at odds throughout most of the season, with things coming to a head when Bugsy and deckhand Bobby Giancola read millionaire charter guest Jason Ziegler’s messages to Hannah on a boat iPad.

Lauren says that, being third stew, it isn’t her place to say anything to Hannah, but Bugsy disagrees — then takes it upon herself to go and confront Hannah herself.

She radios Hannah asking if they can have a chat before the new charter guests arrive, and the pair meet on deck.

Hannah tells her: “Basically I just want to chat to you before we go into our final charter because I’m feeling, like, extremely frustrated from the season.

“I feel like I should have come to you a lot earlier about it and it’s my mistake I didn’t.”

Upping the volume, she then drops the bombshell telling Hannah: “What I’ve been wanting to say is I feel this season you’ve been a lousy chief stew.”

This week’s Below Deck Med episode, titled Stew the Right Thing, also sees a former guest return along with six beautiful women — which tests Bobby’s willpower after he matches with one of them on a dating app.

Wes and Malia’s future also ends up in jeopardy after Adam reveals the details of text messages she sent him.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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