Bryan Abasolo flaunts 8-pack abs while wearing ‘hoochie daddy’ shorts

Bryan Abasolo
Bryan Abasolo talks shorts and muscles. Pic credit: @thebryanabasolo/Instagram

Bryan Abasolo showed why he’s known as Dr. Abs by flaunting his stunning 8-pack abs and muscular body on social media.

Abasolo made his first and only appearance in a Bachelor franchise show as he was chosen as Rachel Lindsay’s winner on Season 13 of The Bachelorette.

Dr. Abs, aka Bryan, proposed to Rachel, and the two got married in the summer of 2019.

While Bryan has a podcast called Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation with fellow Bachelor alum Mike Johnson, he is also a chiropractor and spends his free time working out and keeping his abs in check.

Bryan Abasolo shows off his stunning ab muscles

As Bryan shows off his toned, muscular body without a shirt on, fans can’t help but notice those abs. It’s no wonder he is also called Dr. Abs.

Bryan posted three photos to his Instagram page, as he showcased not only that washboard stomach but also his arms, his thigh muscles, and his workout short inseam.

The fourth photo Bryan posted was four different lengths of summer shorts with translations above.

According to Bryan, the 11″ inseam are the only ones referred to as plain shorts, whereas the 9″ are called the Hoochie Started Pack, the 7″ is stated as the Hoochie Daddy, Conservative, and the 5″ are just Hoochie Daddy.

Bryan, as his photos show, prefers to wear the 5″, or the Hoochie Daddy length to show off his muscular frame even more.

In fact, he captioned his photos and post by saying, “Forecast: Sunny and hot as hell w/100% chance of hoochie daddy shorts. #dontcatcallmetho #summer #summervibes #LA.”

Bachelor Nation alums and fans respond

The first to comment on Bryan’s muscular bod and shorts was none other than his wife, Rachel. Despite his hashtag of not cat-calling him, Rachel posted, “Cat call him ladies (laughing/crying face).”

Mike Johnson, Bryan’s friend, and co-host couldn’t get over how ripped Bryan is as he declared, “dudes a Colombian god.”

Rachel Lindsay and others talk about Bryan's muscular body.
Pic credit: @thebryanabasolo/Instagram

Eric Bigger, who was on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette with Bryan, exclaimed, “Ripped UP! (muscle emoji),” and Brendan Scanzano, who was on Season 17 of The Bachelorette with Katie Thurston, agreed with Bryan on the shorts as he claimed, “5” inseam is maximum.”

Others loved what they saw in Bryan’s photos, too, as they stated, “Oh yessir daaaaasss it,” “Bro did you get in BETTER shape,” and “Big dawg.” Along with the comments were fire flame emojis, fireworks, and muscle emojis.

Other alums and fans can't believe how fit and muscular Bryan is.
Pic credit: @thebryanabasolo/Instagram

Just when Bachelor fans didn’t think Dr. Abs could get any more muscular and ripped than he was before, he proved everyone wrong.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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