BroChella spoilers from inside the Big Brother 24 house

Michael Bruner BB24 Challenge
Michael Bruner became a Week 7 Head of Household during a twist on BB24. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers from BroChella spell doom for one of the houseguests in Week 7.

BroChella is the name of the game that the five people residing in the Big Brother house are playing during the latest twist. The other five people are living in the backyard and playing a different game.

Michael Bruner became the Head of Household for BroChella after winning a challenge against the rest of the final 10 BB24 cast members.

As the winner, Michael got to live inside of the Big Brother house, and he also got to pick four people to join him there. He likely had an intense internal monologue going on about what to do, and we will probably see him speak about it in Diary Room sessions during upcoming episodes.

The people that Michael chose to play BroChella with him were Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Jasmine Davis.

Recently, Michael revealed he wants Brittany and Taylor in his final three this season, so it is not surprising that he wanted to work with them while the twist is going on.

Big Brother 24 spoilers from BroChella

At the BroChella Nomination Ceremony, Michael put Jasmine and Monte on the block. He told Monte, Taylor, and Brittany that the plan was to send Jasmine packing. Then, Michael told Jasmine that Monte was the target, keeping her in the dark for a while.

Brittany won the BroChella Veto Competition, which basically keeps the power with Michael, as she is his right-hand woman in the game this summer. Brittany had no reason to use the Power of Veto, either, as she wants to work with Taylor until the very end of the season.

Who is getting evicted from BroChella?

On Double Eviction night, Brittany and Taylor will vote to evict Jasmine from the Big Brother house. Since they are the only two voters, Jasmine will unanimously become the latest member of the BB24 jury.

Speaking of jury members, the Indy Santos exit interviews can be seen here. Indy speaks a lot about being upset with Brittany and why she wanted to target Kyle Capener during an upcoming eviction.

The Double Eviction episode where two people get sent to the jury house is going to air on Thursday, August 25. After that night, there will only be eight members of the BB24 cast left competing for the $750,000 prize.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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