Briana Myles speaks out about hurtful pregnancy comments

Briana Myles
Briana Myles is having a baby with Vincent Morales after being married on Married at First Sight Season 12. Pic credit: @blmyles/Instagram

Briana Myles and Vincent Morales are expecting a baby girl.

Briana has enjoyed sharing glowing photos throughout her pregnancy with her 171k followers. 

While it’s been a celebratory time for Briana and Vincent, there’s also been a hurtful aspect of Briana’s public pregnancy journey. 

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The MAFS star opened up about hurtful comments that have made her insecure and why she started showing early in her pregnancy. 

Briana joins the list of several MAFS moms raising babies, including Married at First Sight Season 11’s Amani Randall and Married at First Sight Season 10’s Jessica Studer. 

Like other MAFS moms, Briana was open and transparent about her pregnancy experience. 

Briana Myles opens up about her fibroids’ impact on her baby bump

Briana Myles took to Instagram to share two photos and an explanatory caption.

In the photos, Briana turned to the side and smiled while placing a hand on her baby bump and sipping a pink drink. 

Briana noted that these photos were taken by her husband Vince when she was three months pregnant in her caption. 

As the caption continued, Briana explained that she has a fair amount of large fibroids growing on her uterus.

The fibroids contribute to Briana appearing pregnant earlier than some women whose baby bumps don’t become obvious until they’re further along. 

Briana shared that she started showing at two months, while some women’s baby bumps only show at the five to the six-month mark.

Briana Myles calls for certain pregnancy comments to stop 

Being a public figure after her time in the spotlight on Married at First Sight, it was hard for Briana to keep her pregnancy under wraps since she started showing early. 

Briana shared that some people online made it even harder for her to keep her pregnancy private, writing, “Keeping my pregnancy from the world to protect myself and my feelings wasn’t even a thing. Some online ‘supporters’ didn’t even give me the space to do so ??‍♀️ I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was insecure and really just starting to understand that not only is my body housing these annoying fibroids, but she’s also preparing to bring life into this world!” 

Speaking on comments that she no longer wants to hear, Briana wrote, “So stop commenting that I’m having twins and saying I’m ready to pop any day! I’m not. I’ll continue to smile and say ‘I have a loooong way to go!’ but just know that those comments only hurt.”

Briana concluded her message by sharing that she’s making a choice to give herself grace and stated that she would confirm how far along she is in her own time when she’s comfortable sharing.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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