Briana DeJesus gets dragged by Teen Mom 2 viewers for defending Chris Lopez’s appearance on the show

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Chris Lopez and Briana DeJesus
Briana DeJesus defended Chris Lopez’s appearance on Teen Mom 2, but viewers disagreed with her stance. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus defended Chris Lopez appearing on Teen Mom 2 this season, but viewers dragged her for supporting him.

Chris joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 this season after signing a contract with MTV last year.

Rumors began swirling that Briana and Chris were involved romantically, or had at least hooked up, after the duo met up in Philadelphia to record for Chris’ podcast, as seen this season on Teen Mom 2.

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Many Teen Mom 2 viewers have accused Briana of being obsessed with Kail’s exes. Briana briefly dated Javi Marroquin shortly after his divorce from Kail in 2017 and now some think she has the hots for Chris.

Now, Briana has stirred some more controversy relating to her relationship with Kail’s third baby daddy.

Briana DeJesus defends Chris Lopez’s spot on Teen Mom 2 cast

Following Tuesday night’s emotional episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana took to Twitter to live-tweet with her followers. While replying to a tweet from a Teen Mom 2 viewer, Briana defended Chris as a cast member on the show.

“Why we giving Chris tv time? ??” tweeted one Teen Mom 2 viewer.

briana dejesus tweets in defense of chris lopez appearing on tm2 and viewers disagreed with her
Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Briana came to Chris’ defense when she quote-retweeted with a reply that read, “Cause he deserves it, just like every other parent on the show. ❤”

Briana’s tweet was met with plenty of criticism in the comments, where Teen Mom 2 viewers accused her of not giving the same credit and consideration to her baby daddy Devoin Austin, felt as though she’s obsessed with Kail and her exes, and called her out for not saying the same about her other baby daddy, Luis Hernandez.

Teen Mom 2 viewers drag Briana for defending Chris

“Okay like you weren’t tryna get Devoin off the show like 2 years ago? Lmfao girl shut up. You only ever look dumb. Your whole feed is about Kail. Weirdo,” tweeted one of Briana’s critics.

Another one of Briana’s critics echoed the sentiment about Devoin: “Why did you try to keep Devoin from camera time then?? We remember the beginning of your story too.”

briana dejesus's twitter followers drag her for defending chris lopez's appearance on tm2
Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Another one of Briana’s disparagers felt her actions align with being obsessed with her nemesis: “Bri is obsessed with kail it’s outta control and borderline creepy.”

Even more critics brought up Luis, who has been mostly absent in his and Briana’s daughter Stella’s life, comparing giving him the same amount of screen time Chris receives.

“So Luis deserves a lot of screen time too?” a follower rhetorically asked. “Didn’t think so. People who barely parent don’t deserve air time, or the name ‘parent’.”

“Where’s Luis’s airtime,” another critic pointed out. “Worried he may tell a story close to what Chris’s story is.”

briana dejesus's twitter followers drag her for defending chris lopez' appearance on tm2
Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Although Briana has maintained that her trip to Philadelphia to meet up with Chris was strictly for business, Teen Mom 2 viewers felt otherwise.

When Briana was spotted wearing Chris’ t-shirt earlier this season, it tipped off some eagle-eyed viewers who felt that it signaled more than just a friendship between the two. However, Briana testified under oath during her and Kail’s lawsuit that she and Chris shared a purely platonic relationship.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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