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Brendan Morais’ acting reel resurfaces, raising more suspicion about his sincerity on Bachelor in Paradise

Brendan Morais glares with Pieper behind him
Brendan Morais gets called out for his acting past after his reel resurfaced. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan Morais is listed as a commercial roofer within The Bachelor franchise, but Brendan also has a past in acting. 

Recently, Brendan Morais’ old acting reel resurfaced and has raised suspicion from Bachelor in Paradise viewers, who already were wary of Brendan’s intentions after he and Pieper were exposed for wanting to use the show for more fame and followers. 

Brendan Morais’ acting reel gains views and dislikes 

Brendan’s acting video was posted on Youtube a few years ago. The video reel shows the model and actor’s highlights from various projects he participated in, with what seems to be a variety of genres included. 

In one clip Brendan’s character is in an office setting and awkwardly professing his love for what appears to be a co-worker. 

In another clip, Brendan sweats and panics while being pulled over by the cops, who question if he’s under the influence in some way. 

Brendan also has a few action sequences and suspenseful scenes in his reel, like when he appears to be tied up and captured by a man with a weapon as he essentially begs for his life to be spared. 

In his final and lengthiest clip, Brendan looks beat up as his friends yell and argue with him about someone named “Ty”. 

In Brendan’s dialogue, he dramatically shouts, “I’m going to make something of my life. I’m going to be somebody. I’m destined for greatness.” 

After Brendan’s Bachelor in Paradise scandal, the reel has gained significantly more views than before. The video also currently has more dislikes than likes and plenty of comments throwing shade at Brendan’s acting skills, as well as scrutinizing his poor acting performance on Bachelor in Paradise.

Brendan Morais gets compared to Greg Grippo 

Unfortunately, it seems Brendan continued to be an actor on Bachelor in Paradise when he half-heartedly pretended to be interested in Natasha only to completely dismiss and disrespect her once Pieper James arrived on the island.

Many people compared Brendan Morais to Greg Grippo, who was also accused of going on The Bachelorette to further his career as an actor. 

Greg Grippo received a lot of flack for his acting history and intentions, including from former Bachelorette Katie Thurston, and commenters felt that Brendan Morais should also be called out for his potential acting motives. 

Brendan’s acting past is yet another reason for Bachelor in Paradise viewers to believe Brendan went to paradise “for the wrong reasons.”

It seems Brendan’s performance on Bachelor in Paradise made him destined to be a villain within the franchise, and Bachelor in Paradise fans are ready for him to cut the act. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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