Brat Loves Judy exclusive: Judy wants to get in Brat in on some family traditions

Brat Loves Judy is back for Season 3 and it’s a good thing too, because Da Brat is pregnant and we want to see her journey with Judy as the pair bring this much-loved child into the world.

And as we get ready for episode 2, WEtv shared an exclusive sneak peek with Monsters and Critics, proving that this is a family affair with Judy’s kids asking for a closer bond with Brat, especially now that she’s with child.

The scene starts with Brat walking into the kitchen, only to find Judy and all her kids making breakfast. Judy tells Brat, “We wanted to try to include you in on our family tradition.”

It turns out that this tradition includes homemade waffles — where do we sign up?

But what really got us in the feels is when Judy shared that her kids really want to get to know Brat more. And that’s hard with distance between them but with a baby on the way, they made it clear that they want to come visit more.

Judy suggested a big family group chat — because what’s more personal than texting back and forth with multiple individuals? At least with a group chat, they can all make plans for when they get together.

Check out the sneak peek below to see Brat bond with Judy’s family and tune in tonight to see it all play out.

Brat Loves Judy airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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