Brandon Jones’ brother has Bachelor Nation swooning and calling for him to be the Bachelor

Brandon's brother Noah in clear glasses
Brandon’s brother Noah seemed to steal the show for some The Bachelorette viewers. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 18 recently aired the hometown episode and Michelle Young got to meet the final four men’s families. 

Bachelor Nation also was introduced to the families during the episode and one family member in particular really caught The Bachelorette viewers’ eye. 

Bachelor Nation gushes over Brandon’s brother Noah 

Brandon Jones got the first hometown date of the night and he was thrilled to learn that his brother, Noah, was in town to meet Michelle, as the two are really close.

Brandon shared that Noah delayed going to the Navy just so he could be there for his brother in Minnesota, which many viewers found to be a really sweet gesture. 

When Brandon introduced Michelle to her family, The Bachelorette viewers couldn’t help but notice Brandon’s brother and voice their attraction to him. Noah became a buzzed-about subject from the episode with fans tweeting their instant adoration. 

One The Bachelorette fan tweeted, “Not gonna lie Brandon’s brother Noah is a CUTIEEE.”

Another The Bachelorette viewer declared their desire for Noah saying, “brandon can be for michelle  and the brother can be for me.” 

In another tweet, a curious The Bachelorette fan wanted to know Noah’s relationship status in case they decided to shoot their shot. The viewer wrote, “Well is Brandon’s brother single? Just a question.” 

The Bachelorette viewers nominate Noah for Bachelor 

Noah clearly made quite the impression during his brief time on screen, so much so that some people even expressed wanting him to be the next Bachelor. 

A The Bachelorette fan tweeted a screenshot of Noah and wrote, “What do we need to do to make Brandon’s brother the next bachelor?

Another The Bachelorette viewer shared a reaction photo of Nayte and joked that the producers were probably noticing Noah’s leading man potential just like the audience was noticing it.

Plenty of tweets straightforwardly called for Noah to become the Bachelor, with one commenter writing, “Brandon’s brother for Bachelor” along with a gif that included the text, “Lawd Jesus! That boy is fine.” 

While Clayton Echard has officially been declared the next Bachelor, it took a long while for viewers to eventually warm up to him. 

Interestingly, in just a few short scenes, some fans appear to have felt more connection with Brandon’s brother, Noah, than they ever did with Clayton. 

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 3rd at 8/7c on ABC. 

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