Blake Moynes and Abigail Heringer continue to tease Noah Erb with their affection in ‘petty’ feud  

Abigail Heringer
Blake Moynes and Noah Erb’s feud appears to still be alive. Pic credit: ABC

Blake Moynes and Noah Erb have engaged in a social media feud that has caught the eye of fans and Bachelor Nation stars. 

Blake appears to have started their beef when he posted a photo with Noah’s girlfriend, Abigail Heringer, and tagged Noah in the caption not too long ago.

Now, Blake has taken yet another ‘petty’ photo cuddled up with Abigail Heringer, except this time Noah was present. 

Blake Moynes and Abigail Heringer hug in photo with Noah Erb 

Canada native Blake Moynes has been spending lots of time in California, which has allowed him to link up with friends and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 couple Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer in Los Angeles. 

The trio met up for a night out, and Abigail took to her Instagram stories to share a photo from their time together. 

Abigail leaned into Blake and wrapped her arms around him as the two smiled in the photo. Meanwhile, Noah awkwardly stood next to them with his hands in his hoodie.

The photo had some humor to it as Blake and Abigail appear to be the couple in the pic, and Noah looks like the third wheel. 

Abigail wrote “and brought the boys in tow” over the photo with a star-eye emoji. 

Abigail Heringer's Instagram story
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Blake Moynes’ has been petty with Noah in the past 

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Blake shared another photo with Abigail Heringer at the beach and tagged Noah in the caption. 

Noah and Blake fired shots at one another in the post’s comment section while getting playfully petty. 

Blake and Noah’s Bachelor Nation costars teased Noah about Blake and Abigail’s affection in the photo. They humorously warned Noah to be wary of Blake sweeping in on his girl, similar to how he swooped in on former Bachelorette Katie Thurston during the middle of her season.

Noah has suggested that he has a plan to retaliate after Blake’s petty shots at his relationship with Abigail, but so far, it seems Blake has the leg up in their feud as two photos of himself hugged up with Abigail are now circulating on the internet. 

Time will tell what Noah does next, but fortunately, Noah and Blake appear to have a tight bond, so either way, their feud is all in good fun. 

The Bachelorette Season 19 premieres Monday, July 11 at 8/7c on ABC.

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