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Blake and Jasmin speak out after Season 7 premiere of 90 Day Fiance

Jasmin and Blake on 90 Day Fiance
Jasmin and Blake are a part of the new 90 Day Fiance season but they haven’t been featured yet. Pic credit: TLC

Jasmin and Blake are just one of the new 90 Day Fiance couples featured in Season 7. On Sunday, during the season premiere, only five couples were introduced, leaving Jasmin and Blake out.

That didn’t sit well with the newest reality TV couple, who had been looking for their debut. They planned watch parties and had friends and family tuning in to see their story, only to be let down when the pair didn’t appear.

After the first episode of Season 7 aired, both Jasmin and Blake shared a statement about their non-appearance on the Season 7 premiere in their Instagram stories.

“For all my friends & family that tuned into the show and THOUGHT they were going to see us,” the message began. “They don’t tell us what episodes we’re going to be on, but after yesterdays PLANNED PARTIES and premiere parties that all my friends, family and FANS had to sit through that big let down, I HAD to call them and get an answer because I’m not sitting through another let down and missing out on studio sessions that could have happened but didn’t because is this…so…”

Then, it seemed that Blake must have received an answer from TLC about when he and Jasmin would be featured and he let everyone know.

“We’re not going to be on until the 4th EPISODE,” Blake wrote in the message shared by both him and Jasmin. “‘Most anticipated couple’ not appearing until a month into the show??? So plan accordingly I’m sorry for the letdown and wasted planning… but NOW WE KNOW. I’ll remind u when to tune a couple days before we come on. OK. So moving forward…”

Jasmin and Blake speak out about the season 7 premiere of 90 Day Fiance
Jasmin and Blake are upset that they were not shown on the Season 7 premiere of 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: @jasminaniel/Instagram

So it will be a few more episodes before we really get to see Blake and Jasmin in action and they clearly aren’t happy about it. Whether or not they’ll live up to the hype is still yet to be seen.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

Shaunee Flowers is the Reality TV Editor at Monsters & Critics, and has been watching reality TV ever since the very first season of The Real World on MTV. She is a 90 Day Fiance fanatic more

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