Big Brother spoilers: Who are the nominees up for eviction on BB23?

Kyland BB HOH
Kyland Young had to host the second Big Brother 23 Nomination Ceremony of the summer. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers today come directly from the Nomination Ceremony which just took place in the house.

Kyland Young is the current Head of Household after he won the new challenge on Thursday night. He took over the power from Frenchie, who might have some fences to mend after a very chaotic week during which he was in charge of the game.

The Big Brother 23 cast already took part in a new Wildcard Competition as well. This time, there was a twist, and host Julie Chen Moonves did her best to make it buzzworthy as the latest episode of the show came to a close.

Early on Friday, three new competitors played in the second Wildcard Competition of the season. It was Sarah Beth Steagall who ended up winning it and she was offered safety with a twist. Sarah Beth could take the safety, but she would then have to switch teams.

Instead of taking the individual safety, Sarah Beth opted to remain on Team Kings with Christian Birkenberger, Xavier Prather, and Alyssa Lopez.

It was a bold move for Sarah Beth to make, but houseguests do not have a good history of survival in this game when they choose to pass over their own safety. Just ask Marcellas Reynolds from Big Brother 3. He was on the block and he won the Power of Veto, but he didn’t use it because he felt safe. He was not safe and got voted right out.

Big Brother spoilers: Week 2 nominations

Ahead of the latest Big Brother 23 Nomination Ceremony, Kyland took the time to meet with each of the houseguests. This was a much different way of doing things than the way that Frenchie carried out his time as the HOH. It led to a lot of interesting conversations that will definitely get featured on the July 18 episode of Big Brother.

Kyland nominated Frenchie and Britini for eviction. Gasp!

More news from the world of Big Brother

Former houseguest Becky Burgess just got married. Becky was a member of the Big Brother 17 cast and she had a lot of other former houseguests in attendance as she got married to her best friend.

There could be more wedding bells in the future, as well, because two other Big Brother couples are now preparing to get married.

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans from Big Brother 20 recently got engaged. They were part of a very obvious showmance within the BB20 house, and that carried over into the real world until Tyler eventually popped the question.

Big Brother: All-Stars 2 cast members Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett also just got engaged. It seemed like they were developing feelings for each other while they were playing the game and then they started dating once they got out of the house. Then, Memphis popped the question on a beach.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

No real fun this year. Same old game play. A real twist is let viewers vote
For nominations and then vote out. Where is the old guys. They could really
Do some damage.