Big Brother spoilers: Could Nicole Anthony self-evict from BB22 house?

Nicole On BB22 Cast
Nicole Anthony has returned to participate on Big Brother All-Stars. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Anthony is having a rough time in the Big Brother house. Invited back to be a member of the BB22 cast, it appears that Nicole is going through some of the same stuff that she had to deal with on Big Brother 21.

Typically, a person has to be voted off the show, like how Keesha Smith was evicted last week. But each houseguest is also free to leave the game at any time. It’s called self-eviction and they merely have to tell production that they are done.

In the case of Big Brother All-Stars, though, there may be something written into their contracts that they cannot self-evict if they want to receive their full stipend.

Each member of the BB22 case received a stipend just to return this season, with the players making it further in the game having the chance to walk away with even more money. It’s a good paycheck for a lot of them.

Could Nicole Anthony self-evict from Big Brother house?

On Sunday night, Nicole really started breaking down, which caught the eyes of many live feed subscribers, fans of the show, and former houseguests.

Rachel Swindler from Big Brother 20 was one of the people talking about it on social media.

Rachel S. On Nicole A.
Rachel Swindler felt bad for Nicole Anthony. Pic credit: @Rachieswin/Twitter
Rachel S. On Nicole A. Again
Rachel speaking about Nicole on BB22. Pic credit: @Rachieswin/Twitter

Why is Nicole Anthony struggling so much?

This is where some of the recent Big Brother spoilers are going to come into play, so be aware that they will be represented through the rest of the article.

Nicole was nominated for eviction by Memphis Garrett and he didn’t speak kindly to her leading up to it. In fact, Memphis was trying to convince her to play in the Safety Competition so she would use up her VIP pass.

When Nicole didn’t play in it, Memphis used that against her and put her on the block. It presented a bit of anxiety in Nicole as she struggled while on the block next to David Alexander.

Then, there was a really late-night Veto Competition where Nicole had the chance to save herself from the block. The problem was that it didn’t take place until after midnight on Saturday night, leaving her very tired after it.

After Memphis won the POV, the feeds returned to show Nicole crying and very upset with how she did in the challenge. At that point, she was already exhausted, frustrated, and at risk of going home at the Eviction Ceremony.

Many of the houseguests — including Nicole — were up much later than the end of the Veto Competition, leaving them all exhausted as Sunday played out in the house. It ended up creating even more anxiety for Nicole than what showed up on the live feeds.

Speaking with Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole said that she was dealing with a lot of anxiety, that she shouldn’t have come back, and that she should have ended her time on Big Brother last season.

Nicole also said that she wasn’t sure she could do this anymore, sparking the rumors on social media that she might decide to just self-evict. With the amount they get paid, though, it could keep everyone in the game.

On social media, Kat Dunn from the BB21 cast is also standing up for Nicole while also condemning what she calls “petty” behavior from other houseguests.

Meanwhile, Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina were trying to figure out a way to keep Nicole Anthony in the game, but will she even be in the BB22 house by the time the Eviction Ceremony arrives on Thursday night?

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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