Big Brother All-Stars 2 recap: An HOH on the war path

Memphis Wins BB22 HOH
Memphis Garrett has all the Week 2 power on BB22. Pic credit: CBS

This Big Brother All-Stars 2 recap comes from Season 22, Episode 5. The Sunday night episode covered key moments like the second Safety Competition and the nominations from the new Head of Household.

On Episode 4, Keesha Marie Smith became the first member of the BB22 cast to get evicted. Then, later in the night, Memphis Garrett won the HOH Competition.

Memphis is also in an alliance with the outgoing HOH, so the power dynamic within the game hasn’t changed much. It also served as a forecast that Cody Calafiore would be safe for another week.

Who would Memphis decide to target for eviction? And would those people try to gain protection when the Safety Suite opened up for a second time?

Big Brother 22, Episode 5 recap

The episode started with some quick Diary Room sessions where Memphis spoke about being the new HOH, Janelle Pierzina noted that she feels safe with Memphis in charge, and David Alexander said he wouldn’t have chosen Memphis to be in charge.

A bit later, Memphis announced that the Week 1 Have-Nots would get to each select someone to be a Have-Not in Week 2. It’s a bit of a change in the way things have been done but it made for interesting television.

Memphis picked David, Ian Terry picked Nicole Franzel when he asked for a volunteer and she stepped up, Nicole Anthony picked Christmas Abbott, and Kevin Campbell picked Kaysar Ridha.

To summarize, the Week 2 Have-Nots are David, Nicole F., Christmas, and Kaysar.

A segment was spent on Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers speaking about how they have been treated as Black women. That included them sharing names that they have been called and Da’Vonne speaking about the importance of these conversations during a DR session.

Big Brother recap: A new side of Memphis?

Memphis was keen on getting everyone not named Cody to play in the Safety Competition this week so that the duo could be safe in Week 3. It wasn’t an idea some of his alliance members appreciated – especially Daniele Donato and Nicole F. It also rubbed people wrong who were outside of his alliance – like Nicole A.

A lot of drama was built up before people started using their VIP passes to play in the Safety Competition. When the Safety Suite opened, David, Cody, Ian, Kevin, Christmas, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne chose to participate in the hopes of gaining safety.

As a reminder, Janelle and Kaysar gained safety in Week 1 and they could not re-enter the Safety Suite.

Who won safety on Big Brother All-Stars?

The competition involved the houseguests delivering drinks and balancing them on a table. The fastest time would win safety for the week.

Christmas Abbott won the Safety Competition. She chose Ian Terry as her plus one, giving him safety for the week as well.

Memphis plans out Week 2 noms

Any thoughts that Memphis might have had about nominating Christmas or Ian in Week 2 were dashed by the Safety Competition results. He had to go in a different direction.

Below is a video of Memphis speaking about Ian earlier in the episode and how that might have been his primary target this week.

Week 2 Nomination Ceremony

At the Week 2 Nomination Ceremony, Memphis Garrett nominated David Alexander and Nicole Anthony for eviction.

The debate now is whether Memphis went too far with his nomination speech. After it took place on Friday night (the ceremony was taped for Sunday’s episode) there was fallout in the house and on social media.

That brings an end to the Big Brother All-Stars recap for Season 22, Episode 5. Next up, we get to see everything that happens in regard to the Power of Veto playing out on the Wednesday night episode.

For readers who want to jump ahead, here are the Power of Veto results.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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