Who won the POV on Big Brother today? Late night Veto results are in

BB22 Cast Veto
The BB22 cast played for the Power of Veto again in Week 2. Pic credit: CBS

Who won the POV on Big Brother (yawn) was revealed today, with the Veto results coming in the early morning hours for the BB22 cast.

For most of the day on Saturday, the houseguests sat around waiting to play for the Power of Veto. The feeds didn’t slide over to the kittens and puppies until well after midnight.

The worst part for the cast — and for the live feed subscribers waiting to find out who won the POV on Big Brother — was that there were no updates or hints about when it was actually going to happen.

Normally, the Veto Competition takes place much earlier on Saturdays, but that hasn’t been the case for either of them during the summer 2020 season.

This time, it was especially difficult for the older BB22 cast members that just wanted to go to bed for the night. At least it provided some time to possibly see a new alliance forming.

Who competed for the Power of Veto in Week 2?

To boil down what took place before the Veto Competition, Christmas Abbott won the Safety Competition, Christmas named Ian Terry her plus one, and Memphis Garrett nominated David Alexander and Nicole Anthony for eviction.

There was a bit of drama that came after Memphis nominated David due to the way he expressed himself and how he had delivered the news that he was picking David as a Have-Not prior to that.

Tyler Crispen, Ian Terry, and Nicole Franzel were selected as the three people who would play against Memphis, David, and Nicole A. in the Week 2 Veto Competition.

Who won the POV on Big Brother today?

After 3 a.m. local time for the Big Brother house, the live feeds finally came back on to reveal what had happened during the Veto Competition. It also meant that some of the tired houseguests were going to be emotional about the Veto results.

Nicole Anthony was one of the houseguests who was very upset at herself for not winning, as this would have given her the opportunity to get off the block before the Eviction Ceremony.

As for the Power of Veto winner, that was Memphis Garrett. As the reigning HOH, he now has the chance to backdoor someone he wants to get out of the house right now. Alternatively, he could just keep his nominations the same if he wants Nicole A. or David Alexander evicted on Thursday night.

Memphis has until Monday to decide what he’s going to do and the nominees have until then to convince him to use the POV on them.

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