Big Brother sneak peek video released for new Double Eviction episode

Tiffany With Hannah BB23
Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha ended up on the block next to each other on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother sneak peek was released for the big Double Eviction episode that will air on CBS.

A two-hour installment of the reality competition show takes place on Thursday night, and it is going to spell the end of The Cookout alliance.

By the end of the night, two members of The Cookout will have been sent to the BB23 jury house, with the houseguests unexpectedly going through two evictions.

And ahead of the episode debuting on CBS, a sneak peek clip was released where we get to see Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves speaking with the houseguests.

Big Brother sneak peek for Episode 31

“Hello houseguests, or should I say, hello Cookout. Please allow me to be the first to officially congratulate the six of you on achieving your mission,” Julie says as she begins talking to the final six houseguests sitting in the Living Room.

“Because of what you accomplished with The Cookout alliance, you have guaranteed that the first African-American winner of Big Brother will be crowned this year,” Julie goes on to say before she starts asking questions of the final six houseguests.

The video clip below allows the members of The Cookout to get some additional attention as they open up an important Double Eviction episode that will conclude with two of them going to the BB23 by the end of the night.

More important Big Brother 23 news

Here is a list of the remaining Big Brother 23 episodes this summer. It is an important schedule to look at, with several two-hour episodes, two new Friday night installments, new times on Wednesday evenings, and a Sunday coming up with no episode on it.

There will be a lot of BB23 jury coverage in the episodes that are coming up, especially with so many new people finally arriving at the jury house. It will be interesting to see Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez pop up after the last Double Eviction, but there could be some shocked faces when members of The Cookout also start arriving.

Sarah Beth Steagall, who became the third member of the jury, recently put out a new video that included a jury house tour. She showed off how much she has enjoyed getting a private bedroom and private bathroom after sharing both for so long in the Big Brother house.

Ahead of the season finale and the voting by America for their favorite houseguest, Da’Vonne Rogers weighed in with her choice for AFP. The winner of that award is going to leave with $25,000 this summer. It will be a nice consolation prize for someone who hasn’t made it to the end.

As for the people who have made it to the end, information from the Big Brother live feeds has led to rumors that the top five BB23 cast members get prize money this season.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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