Sarah Beth answers more Big Brother questions from the jury house, gives tour of private bedroom

Sarah Beth BB23 Jury
Sarah Beth Steagall is enjoying her time in the Big Brother 23 jury house. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 houseguest Sarah Beth Steagall took the time to answer even more questions from the jury house.

It appears that the last time that Sarah Beth answered questions it became so popular with fans that the producers have done it again.

From the looks of things, Sarah Beth is enjoying the stress-free environment of the BB23 jury house, leading to some very honest answers from her latest question-and-answer session.

We look forward to hearing what else she has to say once she leaves the Big Brother bubble this fall, but, for now, these interviews do provide more insight into how she is thinking and feeling.

Sarah Beth Steagall answers questions from the jury house

“Hey guys. It’s Sarah Beth and I am here in the jury house,” she begins a new video that was just shared online.

Below is another roughly three minutes of Sarah Beth speaking about her time in the game. She talks about what it feels like to be the third member of the jury, what her biggest regret from the summer 2021 season was, and what the best part is about being in the jury house.

Sarah Beth then provides a first-person tour of the house, giving a look at the nice pool, hot tub, and wildlife. She also talks about loving the fact that she has her own private bedroom and bathroom in the jury house.

BB23 jury will decide on the Big Brother 23 winner this summer

Sarah Beth Steagall is one of the nine people who will get to vote on who becomes the Big Brother 23 winner. That vote will be held on the season finale, but the BB23 jury members are already discussing what has been taking place inside the house this season.

The five jurors, so far, are Sarah Beth, Alyssa Lopez, Claire Rehfuss, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Xiao. Extended interviews for Claire and Alyssa were just revealed, as they took the time to answer more questions from Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves before they left the grounds.

On the Big Brother episode schedule, the season finale is coming up on Wednesday, September 29. Many of the upcoming episodes are airing at different times than normal, including a special Friday night episode and a two-hour Double Eviction that is coming up soon.

And outside of the game, a lot of Big Brother fans are debating if The Cookout is racist this season. It has caused a wedge between a lot of fans and led to a lot of arguments that are now taking place on social media.

The Cookout has definitely made history with their accomplishments this season and a member of that alliance is going to be heading home with a $750,000 cash prize this fall. Stay tuned to find out who it is because the winner will be named before the end of the month.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS in Summer 2021.

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