Big Brother: Reindeer Games sends another person home during intense episode

Xavier On BB23 Cast
Xavier Prather won BB23 and returned to play BB Reindeer Games. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

A new episode of Big Brother: Reindeer Games has sent another legend home.

Santa invited nine Big Brother alums to compete for $100,000 this winter. Those nine former houseguests descended upon the Big Brother house dressed in holiday style.

Cameron Hardin was eliminated in the first episode of Big Brother: Reindeer Games. Xavier Prather beat him during a challenge called Santa’s Showdown.

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The other houseguests targeted Cameron (from BB25) in an earlier challenge, and Frankie Grande put him up against Xavier in the elimination challenge.

Familiar alliances reunited, with the three people from Big Brother 16 (Frankie, Nicole Franzel, and Cody Calafiore) teaming up again.

Eight people were still competing when the second episode arrived on December 12. For fans who miss any of these episodes, they are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games recap for Episode 2

Before the challenges of the night, people were shown scheming. Frankie wanted to ensure he was good with Xavier and seemed to mend that fence. Britney Haynes chatted with Danielle Reyes about getting Cody out, and a chat between Nicole and Cody happened.

Reindeer Games co-host Jordan Lloyd arrived to provide another riddle about a holiday song. Jordan also announced the Naughty or Nice challenge winner would get a “game-changing” advantage.

Clues were spread around the house, leading to the players racing (and running into each other) to finish first. The first person to solve the riddle first would get an advantage while also deciding who would get a disadvantage.

Xavier claimed in a Diary Room session that he threw it. Britney also had a Diary Room session where she said she didn’t want to win – the stress was too much in Episode 1.

Cody won the first challenge of the night. Taylor Hale was worried she would get targeted.

The second Jingle Bell Brawl of BB Reindeer Games

Cody’s advantage was that he got to select who would be on his four-person team. He also got to decide which person from the other team would be disadvantaged.

Cody chose Nicole, Frankie, and Xavier. He wanted X and Frnkie to help win, but he wanted the fourth spot to be someone he could beat in Santa’s Showdown if they lost the Brawl.

The disadvantage was given to Taylor. Josh, Britney, and Danielle were pretty upset about the team choices.

The challenge required people to decorate trees with oversized and differently weighted ornaments. Players went one at a time in a relay for each team. Each player had to complete their tree before the next person could begin.

As her punishment, Taylor had to do a mini tree before her team could get started on the four main trees.

Nicole and Xavier struggled with their trees while Britney and Danielle raced through theirs.

Taylor and Josh finished the challenge before Cody even started on his tree.

The team of Britney, Danielle, Josh, and Taylor won safety for the night.

Who went home on Santa’s Showdown 2?

The winning team from the Jingle Bell Brawl got to save someone from the other team. They saved Nicole.

Cody, Xavier, and Frankie would battle in the second Santa’s Showdown of the season.

Nicole was excited, while Xavier felt he got slighted by people he was working with.

In the challenge, the trio had to use lists of information to figure out the perfect gifts for five kids.

Xavier won the challenge and became safe. It was down to just Cody and Frankie.

Cody lost the challenge and became the second person sent home.

Cody’s prize from the tree was a fruit cake.

That brings an end to Episode 2 of Big Brother: Reindeer Games. Only seven players remain in the battle for $100,000.

Here is the full schedule for BB Reindeer Games. It includes the season finale date for these Big Brother legends.

Janelle Pierzina shared her frustrations with Reindeer Games producers, suggesting a former winner got ghosted this winner.

Nicole Franzel also shared an image of injuries suffered while playing Reindeer Games.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games airs on CBS.

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