Big Brother live feeds: Frenchie tried to quit the show and self-evict from BB23 cast

Frenchie BB23 Block
Frenchie did not turn out to be the superfan and competitor that some Big Brother fans thought he was. Pic credit: CBS

On the Big Brother live feeds this past weekend, subscribers saw as Frenchie tried to quit the show. It was a moment that didn’t get mentioned during the July 21 episode, but he told another BB23 cast member that he was self-evicting.

Frenchie has been all over the place since Kyland Young won Head of Household. Some of his chaotic behavior was shown in the last episode, where he claimed that even if he won the Power of Veto, he wouldn’t use it on himself. It wasn’t a very believable story that he could win POV and then use it on Britini D’Angelo. Kyland saw through it.

There were other times where Frenchie was acting like he had accomplished every goal that he set for himself when he joined the Big Brother 23 cast. Like when he gave his word that he wasn’t going to nominate any women or people of color in the first week. Oops. He didn’t fulfill that goal/promise.

Frenchie now claims that he was always intending to just get a “meathead” out of the game and took credit for being the first HOH to ever get a jock out in Week 1. Even that’s not true, but it was part of his strategy to try to convince someone (maybe himself?) that it was actually the case.

After Frenchie lost the Veto Competition and Derek Xiao held the Power of Veto, he decided that it was time to leave the show. Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore noted that “it will be a good thing” once he is evicted.

Frenchie tells Derek Frazier he is quitting Big Brother 23

Below is a video directly from the Big Brother live feeds where Frenchie talks to Derek Frazier about quitting the show. He noted that he was heading to pack his bags before the feeds went down for a while.

This all took place late Saturday night (July 17) around almost 10:45 p.m. PT (house time). It can be viewed on the live feeds using the flashback option. The feeds went down as Frenchie presumably went to pack, but when they came back up, he had apparently changed his mind. Did someone from production convince him to stay? Was this just another move from Frenchie to garner attention and sympathy?

Fans and viewers of the show have been very vocal in sharing opinions about Frenchie threatening to quit the BB23 cast. The producers may have also felt a certain way about someone saying they were going to self-evict because they made a point of using a clip where Frenchie alluded to never quitting anything.

A new HOH and a new target on BB23

The BB23 cast already has a plan for the Big Brother Eviction Ceremony on July 22. Following that, the power is up for grabs again, and a new Head of Household will be crowned. A lot of chatter on the live feeds has also revealed who the next target will be if they don’t win HOH.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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