Big Brother live feed spoilers to know ahead of Double Eviction

Terrance As HOH BB24
Terrance Higgins was part of the Big Brother 24 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds returned for the outside group (Dyre Fest), leading to a lot of revelations over the past few days.

Ahead of the Double Eviction episode of Big Brother 24, many important conversations have taken place that will impact the game moving forward.

Inside the house, Jasmine Davis was told she is getting evicted. Jasmine will join Indy Santos in the BB24 jury house very soon.

Jasmine did have an interesting request of Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor Hale. She asked them to make sure that Matt Turner does not end up as the Big Brother 24 winner.

The comments from Jasmine about Turner are sure to be part of another show segment where the producers show Turner reacting to the words or actions from Jasmine.

And now that Jasmine knows she is on her way out, it could lead to a very interesting speech from her during the Eviction Ceremony.

Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers from the backyard

The backyard group has also formulated a plan ahead of their own Eviction Ceremony. After Terrance Higgins used the Power of Veto, the final nominees became Kyle Capener and Joseph Abdin. But this was a move to show he had the power rather than Terrance actually taking a shot at Kyle.

Alyssa Snider and Turner, the only two voters from Dyre Fest, have agreed to evict Joseph. This is a plan that Terrance is a part of, so it is pretty much set in stone as they approach the big vote.

The quartet of Terrance, Turner, Kyle, and Alyssa might even stick together, no matter what has gone on with the people inside of the house.

Turner offered Kyle and Alyssa a final three deal, which is a good way for him to protect his own game. At the same time, Turner might just be biding his time before rejoining Taylor, Michael, Brittany, and Monte.

The end of the Big Brother Split House twist

The Big Brother Split House twist ends with the August 25 episode. Then, six people will be competing for Head of Household as Michael and Terrance watch. That challenge should involve Kyle, Alyssa, Turner, Brittany, Taylor, and Monte competing for power and the ability to control the game in Week 8.

Make sure not to miss the August 25 episode of Big Brother 24, where two people get evicted, and we get to see if it leads to any drama.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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