Big Brother exit interviews: Tiffany Mitchell sits down to answer more questions

Tiffany And Julie BB23
Tiffany met with Julie on her way out of the Big Brother 23 house. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother exit interview for TIffany Mitchell has been released. Following her exit during the Double Eviction episode, Tiffany sat down to answer questions from host Julie Chen Moonves. Now, she is back for more.

It was a tough night for Tiffany, as she became the first member of The Cookout to get evicted this summer. She would later learn that she wasn’t going to the BB23 jury house alone.

For much of the season, it seemed like Tiffany was going to have a seat in one of the final two chairs. But the duo of Xavier Prather and Kyland Young was never going to let that happen if they held the power.

Maybe we will see TIffany again on a future season of Big Brother All-Stars because it would be interesting to see what she could do if given another shot.

Tiffany’s Big Brother extended interview

Below is the new Big Brother extended interview from Tiffany Mitchell. In it, Tiffany answers a few more questions about her time in the game and elaborates upon a few key points from the season. It definitely seems like she is pleased that her mission was a success, but simultaneously frustrated that she had to sacrifice so much of her personal game to make sure The Cookout survived.

We will get to see Tiffany again when she returns to the stage with the rest of the BB23 jury on finale night. She now has a vote that will help decide the Big Brother 23 winner, and it’s definitely possible that Tiffany could experience some bitterness when she finds out Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum made it to the final four.

More to come from Big Brother 23 (and some spoilers)

Following the Double Eviction, the final four houseguests already played in a new HOH Competition and took part in another Nomination Ceremony. Here are those Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds.

The regular Big Brother schedule has now come to an end at CBS. Friday episodes begin, the Wednesday times change, and Sunday night has no new episode. Here is a breakdown of every Big Brother 23 episode left.

For fans who are also interested in the other primary reality competition show on CBS, the Survivor 41 cast has been revealed for this fall. It has been a while since the last season aired, and the anticipation from Survivor fans has definitely gone through the roof.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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