Big Brother All-Stars spoilers: Who did the new HOH nominate for eviction?

Cody C BB22 Final Four
Cody Calafiore made it to the final four on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

Fresh Big Brother All-Stars spoilers reveal what just happened at the Nomination Ceremony today.

It’s an important week, as it’s the final time a Veto Competition will be played this season.

With the season finale taking place on October 28, it’s also almost time to find out who will be playing in the final HOH Competition.

But first, the cast has to get from its current final four down to the final three houseguests.

Following the Memphis Garrett eviction on Thursday night, there was a new Head of Household Competition hosted by Kaysar Ridha. It ended with Enzo Palumbo taking over the power from Nicole Franzel.

Who did Enzo nominate for eviction?

On Friday, Enzo nominated Nicole and Christmas Abbott. He has a final two pact with Cody Calafiore that he seems intent on honoring, and he already promised Cody that he wouldn’t see the block this week.

That idea of protecting Cody will shift if one of the women wins the Power of Veto this week, though, as Cody is the only candidate to become a replacement nominee.

Now that the nominees are set, the final four houseguests will play in the Veto Competition on Saturday. Nicole and Christmas know that their best route to safety is to win the POV and become the only person voting this week.

As we previously reported, Enzo wants to get Nicole out of the house this week. If he were to get to make the choice, he would have Cody vote out Nicole. As it stands, though, Enzo won’t get to demand anything since he doesn’t have a vote.

This is also where an interesting debate begins. Does Enzo need to get Cody out of the house? If he wants to win the $500,000 prize, Enzo probably needs to make a bold move like this before the final two is even a question.

Also, earlier in the day, the final four got to take part in a Luxury Competition.

More Big Brother news

We are finally getting to see BB22 jury segments during episodes and on Thursday night, there was an emotional portion where they got to see messages from their loved ones. We have an article where you can watch them see those messages from home.

And for fans of The Challenge on MTV, Christmas has noted that she wants to be on that show next. Does she have what it takes to go up against the reality show veterans on The Challenge? A lot of fans seem to think she does not.

Applications have now been opened for people interested in applying to be on Big Brother 23.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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