Big Brother Luxury Competition: The final four got to play for money

Cody C Makes Final Four
Cody Calafiore is trying to make it to a Big Brother final two for the second time. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother Luxury Competition just took place while the live feeds were down.

Many live feed subscribers assumed that the feeds were down for the Nomination Ceremony, but that wasn’t the case.

When the cameras were turned back on, several of the houseguests were getting changed out of their BB Comics outfits.

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A surprise Big Brother Luxury Competition

The first footage that viewers got to see when the feeds turned back on was of Nicole Franzel and Christmas Abbott changing and of Enzo Palumbo strutting around in his BB Comics outfit.

Christmas then retreated to one of the rooms where she began crying and speaking to the cameras about letting down Memphis Garrett.

Taking a quick step back, it’s important to pass on some Big Brother spoilers about the Head of Household, so turn back now if you don’t want to know that information.

Enzo won the late-night HOH Competition and took over the power in the house. He had not yet hosted his Nomination Ceremony when the Luxury Competition took place, but that likely all plays into why Christmas was crying on the feeds.

Among the things that she talked about to the cameras was her fear that she was about to go on the block again and that Enzo hadn’t talked with her yet about being safe for the week. She had thought he was still going to protect her.

Who won the BB22 Luxury Competition?

In a roundabout way, it also seemed like Christmas was explaining that the final four houseguests got to compete in the Luxury Competition with someone from the BB22 jury. She alluded to Nicole playing with Memphis and that her “ride or die” had won the money.

So, it sounds like Nicole and Memphis won $10,000, but Christmas wasn’t exactly clear about whether they are splitting it or if it was $10,000 each. It’s likely that the duo would have to split the money, as that is what is typically done on the show.

We will make sure to update everyone if we learn more details about the challenge itself.

Moving forward, Enzo does have a plan for the Nomination Ceremony. It is expected that he will host it later in the day on Friday.

Meanwhile, fans are debating if now is the time for Enzo to cut Cody loose. Does Enzo have any shot at winning if he takes Cody with him to the final two? We may all have to find out together if Enzo refuses to break that final two pact.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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