Big Brother All-Stars cast: More rumors about who got invited to play

Ian Terry BB
Ian Terry appears to have been invited back for BB All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars cast rumors now include a few more names that could be very interesting. These rumors follow a brief list that was released earlier in the week, but did TMZ get all those names correct?

According to TMZ, BB19 winner Josh Martinez, BB12 winner Hayden Moss, BB14 winner Ian Terry, and BB18 winner Nicole Franzel lead the Big Brother All-Stars cast.

The site also reported that three-time veteran Janelle Pierzina, Daniele Donato from BB8 and BB13, Paulie Calafiore from BB18, Tyler Crispen from BB20, and Bayleigh Dayton from BB20 were invited back.

Since then, strong Big Brother rumors suggest that it was actually Cody Calafiore (Paulie’s brother) that was invited back to play on BB22. Could they both be part of the new group?

More Big Brother All-Stars cast rumors

Fans who have been following the social media rumors out there know that quite a few additional names have popped up regarding playing the game again this summer.

One of the most interesting names is Kaysar Ridha, who was on the first All-Stars season of the show back in 2015. Kaysar has also shown up on a new cast photo that one online account has created.

Take the image below with a grain of salt, as it has combined a lot of the Big Brother All-Stars cast rumors out there into one presentation. Still, it certainly includes a lot of names that frequently get mentioned as having received an invite to play the game again.

Is it correct? It’s possible. Take it all with a grain of salt, though, and enjoy it for the sheer entertainment value of what we have at this point of the Big Brother offseason.

BB22 Cast List
Is this the Big Brother All-Stars cast? Pic credit: @BB22Update/Twitter

Who will become the Big Brother All-Stars winner?

If the 16 people in the photo above turn out to be correct, it would mean that only five former winners are going to take part in the show this summer. Nicole Franzel, Hayden Moss, Ian Terry, Kaycee Clark, and Josh Martinez might immediately have targets on their backs.

At the same time, arguments could be made that Paul Abrahamian, Tyler Crispen, and Daniele Donato should have won their respective seasons, so should that trio be the first real targets?

CBS just confirmed the premiere date for the show this summer, so we are all very close to getting confirmation about who is going to be playing the game again.

Until then, it’s still fun to see the latest Big Brother rumors and debate about who should have been included in the second installment of Big Brother All-Stars.

Big Brother All-Stars premieres on August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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