Big Brother 26 cast: No returners this season

Julie Chen promo photo
Julie Chen Moonves is the host for the Big Brother 2024 season. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Big Brother 26 cast will be a group of all-new players.

The production team has revealed that an “all-new group of houseguests” is moving into the Big Brother house this summer.

Fans pleading for no returners will get their wish, and some new faces will be introduced soon.

It’s been a while since the producers used returning players, with the Big Brother 22 season being the last time.

For the BB22 cast, producers invited popular players from over the years, and they called it Big Brother: All-Stars 2. Cody Calafiore was declared the winner that season.

The Big Brother 26 start date has also been revealed, giving fans a two-day season premiere that should be packed with excitement.

An all-new cast for Big Brother 22 – But possible twists?

Even though this is a group of all-new players for Summer 2024, the producers could still introduce a twist or two.

Survivor legend Cirie Fields was invited to be on the BB25 cast last summer. It allowed Cirie to play with her son, Jared Fields.

The twist was met with mixed reactions from fans, with many people disappointed that it gave the duo an advantage. But Cirie did provide some great moments during episodes and on the Big Brother live feeds.

Many other twist ideas are possible, including some used in the past. But maybe the producers have something new planned. Some Big Brother fans have asked for a season of duos.

What would you like to see as a possible cast twist? Weigh in with your ideas in the comment section below.

BB26 cast members are playing for a $750,000 cash prize — raised from the $500,000 prize in place for the first 22 seasons.

Below is an Instagram post from host Julie Chen Moonves spreading excitement about the new season.

More news from CBS reality competition shows

Big Brother was also recently featured on an episode of Jeopardy! It was an interesting crossover between the programs that stumped the players that night.

There are also some new people on the Big Brother 26 casting team. Could it lead to a cast that feels different and refreshing when compared to recent seasons? Stay tuned.

Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed some Season 50 details. He did so at a fan event, giving many audience members what they wanted.

Survivor winner Adam Klein also got married. He made his name on Survivor 33 and returned to play again on Survivor 40 (Winners at War).

Previous seasons of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes the new spin-off from this past winter: Big Brother: Reindeer Games.

Big Brother 26 begins July 17 on CBS.

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