Big Brother gets a shoutout on Jeopardy!

Julie Chen on a BB25 Episode
Julie Chen Moonves is back to host Big Brother 26. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother and Jeopardy! crossover has finally happened.

Well, not exactly, but the hit summer reality competition show was featured on a new episode of Jeopardy!.

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves and various social media accounts have shared images of the fun new reference to the show.

Julie also got a shoutout – a nice moment for Big Brother fans who happened to be tuning in that night.

Soon, Big Brother will dominate the primetime schedule again on CBS, but getting a mention during the spring is a rare treat.

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“Julie Chen Moonves has done double duty as a host of ‘The Talk’ & of this summer reality show,” read the Jeopardy! clue.

Julie used to serve as one of the co-hosts for The Talk, but she had to say goodbye to the show in September 2018. This was after nearly a decade of taking the stage every weekday morning for discussions.

In recent interviews, Julie has stated that she felt “stabbed in the back” and that leaving The Talk wasn’t her decision. But that’s a different story.

Even though she exited The Talk, Julie has continued hosting Big Brother, which was the correct answer to the Jeopardy clue: “What is Big Brother?”

As fans pointed out in the comments, the people on stage weren’t quick to come up with the answer.

And leave it to Julie to use the Jeopardy! mention as the perfect opportunity to advertise for Big Brother 26.

“What is… coming soon? 👀 Thanks @jeopardy for the shoutout 🙏🏼 #BB26,” Julie captioned her image.

More news from Big Brother

Some big news about Big Brother casting was recently announced. Some new people are helping construct the BB26 cast -so fans could be in for a treat this summer.

Felicia Cannon from BB25 revealed she got hacked. She left a long message on social media for the person she accused of stealing her Twitter account.

Several weddings have happened recently, with Nicole Anthony and Cody Calafiore from Big Brother 22 getting married (to different people).

And the former Big Brother romance between Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin has continued as a friendship.

Stay tuned for more details on what comes next for Big Brother. A new cast is coming – likely to be introduced in June 2024.

Below is the Big Brother clip from that recent Jeopardy! episode.

Previous episodes of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+

Big Brother returns in the summer of 2024 on CBS.

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