Big Brother 25 spoilers: Who will get voted out and become BB25 jury member?

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Julie Chen Moonves is almost done hosting Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast is ready for its next eviction vote.

Cameron Hardin and Cirie Fields are the nominees, with six houseguests deciding upon the first BB25 jury member.

Jag Bains used the Power of Veto to save Felicia Cannon. Bowie Jane then named Cameron as her replacement nominee.

The live feeds have been busy this week, including a houseguest saying they “want to go home” to the cameras.

Bowie Jane has been the Head of Household for the first time, giving her a taste of power.

And Bowie Jane loves being in power. Will this stop her from throwing additional challenges?

Or could Bowie Jane find herself as a target as soon as her HOH reign is over?

A look at the October 12 eviction vote

America Lopez, Blue Kim, Cory Wurtenberger, Felicia Cannon, Jag Bains, and Matt Klotz are the houseguests with votes in Week 10.

Felicia used to be on the block but now gets to vote after Jag saved her. Cirie convinced Jag to take that route so Felicia could come down.

The six voters will now decide who becomes the first BB25 jury member.

Cameron has pushed hard to create scenarios where he survives, but nobody is biting this week. The plan was set early in the week, and nobody is budging.

Despite his downfalls in the social aspect of Big Brother, Cameron is just too good at challenges.

The October 12 eviction vote will likely be unanimous, with a 6-0 vote eliminating Cameron from the game. This will become his second eviction on a unanimous vote.

Goodbye messages become very important now, as people need to be concerned about jury management. Some houseguests who have mistreated Cameron this week may have lost his vote for good.

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A former Big Brother winner is cheering on Bowie Jane this season. They continue to post glowing thoughts about her on social media.

Recent rumors have suggested that work on an all-winners season of Big Brother is underway. That could become winter programming at CBS.

And another Big Brother winner is on The Traitors 2. The first season of the hit reality competition show co-starred two Big Brother winners, so the producers are running it back.

The return of Survivor and The Amazing Race forced CBS to alter its Fall 2023 schedule. Now Survivor and The Amazing Race reside in the Wednesday night primetime hours.

Here is the updated Big Brother 25 episode schedule for October.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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8 months ago

if Cameron is voted out then i will never watch again. Because People sit on their butts and still dont get voted out!!! DONE