Big Brother 25 premiere date leaked

Julie Chen Moonves
Julie Chen Moonves will return for Big Brother 25. Pic credit: ©

The Big Brother 25 premiere date appears to have been leaked.

A fan site with sources close to the production team posted the possible start date for this summer.

This is a big deal because it suggests the BB25 cast will start playing the game later than usual.

Typically, new seasons of the show begin around the end of June or in the first few days of July.

But with the Writers Strike possibly causing some delays in the 2023-2024 television programming, it looks like Big Brother has already adjusted.

The good news is that the season hasn’t been shortened and will consist of 85 days this summer.

When is the Big Brother 25 premiere date?

According to Big Brother Gossip, the Big Brother 25 start date is Wednesday, July 12.

“I thought I’d wait until after #BBCan11 ended but changed my mind,” teased a new tweet.

“I’ve been told that the current word is Big Brother will start on July 12 this year (that’s late!) and end around October 4 (again LATE!),” revealed BB Gossip.

With a start date of July 12 and an end date of October 4, the Big Brother 25 season is 85 days.

The BB22 and BB23 cast played for 85 days, with the BB24 cast only playing for 82 days last summer.

“I trust my sources, but sometimes things change! #BB25,” BB Gossip closed out its tweet, hinting that changes can still happen to the television schedule.

More Big Brother news

In addition to news about the premiere date, there have been rumors about a possible BB25 theme. Much of the gossip has suggested returning players.

And there have also been rumors about houseguests linked to the BB25 cast, putting some names to the online chatter.

Celebrity Big Brother returning?

Due to the Writers Strike impacting scripted shows, networks have already started pushing for more reality TV content.

New and returning shows from the reality genre will arrive on most of the primary networks this summer and in the fall of 2023.

It has been reported that CBS is considering a Celebrity Big Brother season, bringing back the spin-off the network had used as counterprogramming for the Winter Olympics.

CBS has also made a big change to Survivor and The Amazing Race for Fall 2023, which will serve as a treat for fans of those shows.

To pass the time this spring, Big Brother fans can stream previous seasons using Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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