Big Brother 25 Have-Nots revealed on live feeds

Julie Chen Big Brother Promo
Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves is a queen of reality TV. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Big Brother 25 house has been overrun by its new cast.

August 2 marked the first day of the new season, with 17 new players making up the BB25 cast.

Host Julie Chen Moonves introduced the first 16 houseguests early in the episode.

And later on, reality TV star Cirie Fields joined the BB25 cast.

The Big Brother live feeds got turned on Wednesday night, revealing that the houseguests have been busy.

An intriguing BB25 alliance even named itself on the night of Day One.

The first Big Brother 25 Have-Nots have been revealed

When Julie gave her full BB25 house tour, she showed the Have-Not Room, and unlucky people will sleep there this summer.

There are some uncomfortable beds in the Have-Not Room this season, including one resembling a big wedge of cheese.

Below is an image of the houseguests trying to get comfortable in the new room later on Wednesday.

The image also comes with a caption that underscores how much choosing Have-Nots has changed over the years.

Who are the first Big Brother Have-Nots?

Cory Wurtenberger became the first Have-Not due to his loss in the Day One challenge.

He seems to be the only houseguest who didn’t choose to become a Have-Not for Week 1.

Luke Valentine, Hisam Goueli, and Jared Fields volunteered to be Week 1 Have-Nots.

In addition to sleeping in the uncomfortable room, Have-Nots are supposed to take cold showers and eat only slop.

Maybe the way that Have-Nots get selected will shift later this summer, but the process has been uneventful in Week 1.

More updates from Big Brother 25

The Big Brother nominations are already in place for Week 1, with those names being decided by the Day One challenges.

It is unlikely that four nominees will be on the block still when the first Eviction Ceremony happens on August 10.

The first Head of Household may have some power in deciding which two people remain on the block.

CBS viewers will learn who won the Head of Household Competition during the August 6 episode.

Once an HOH is in power and the nominations are set, they will play for the Power of Veto. The Veto Competition typically takes place on Saturday and is pre-taped for the Wednesday night episodes.

The new cast can be seen on the new and free Big Brother live feeds. It’s a great place to keep up with the houseguests in between episodes.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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